Don't Want to be in That Crowd

I want to say I believe in God no I don't go to church I can't go to a church that preaches hate. There is a church in Sarasota that is open to all people and there is a lot of gay people that go there. Maybe some Sunday I will check it out I just don't feel I need to go to church to get into heaven I know God and he knows me. I also know some of my friends don't believe and that's ok that there right and I won't force my believes down there throat hell I believe in nudity and nudist stuff some of my friends do and some don't I'm ok with that but just cause I'm naked at home don't me they have to strip when they come to visit if they don't feel good about it then don't do it.

Reason I'm talking about this is I read a piece on the Mormons and one of there Apostle said last week, He said that same-sex attraction can change. Of course I take in mind this came of an a Mormon another religion group. I'm sorry but I think the guy is full of shit I was born gay and I believe that God made me this way for a reason and if he didn't want me this way then I wouldn't have been born this way. I don't understand how any of these religion people can stand in a church and preach the word of God but also preach hate and they use the bible to make it ok. The 6 boys we lost last month should shoe them that what they are doing is wrong and they preach hate to these parents that preach to there kids and these kids go and bully other kids and sometimes these kids kill themselves cause they can't deal with the bullying.

How can a group of people go and worship God and be ok with this? If you ask me all these church's are no more than a cult and I don't think this is the way God wanted it to go. Why are they worried about gays getting married were not asking them to show up for the wedding. They think it's going to hurt family values hell there doing a good job by that without are help. Look at they divorce rate that should tell a story. They think if we adopt kids were going to make they kids gay that's how stupid they are that they think a person becomes gay. They don't realize that we are born this way what they think we ran through a rainbow and decided that we would be gay.

This Mormon Apostle said Some argue that “they were pre-set and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and unnatural,” he said. “Not so! Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone? Remember he is our father.” Well you old goat let me tell you this you are somewhat right why would our Heavenly Father do that I'll tell you cause he is our Heavenly Father and he made me and he didn't make a mistake you think I would pick a road that was going to be this hard hell no I wouldn't but he gave me this road cause he knew I could handle it and he wouldn't give me anything that I couldn't handle. All I know is when were all called home I don't want to be inline with you cause he gonna throw the good book and your so called religion people and tell you go sit in the corner and read it again cause you got it wrong the first time.

One more thing before I go I think the government needs to tax these churches cause all they are is a business that makes a lot of money and they should have to pay like any other business maybe then we could recover from this thing were in now just a thought.

Apostle Same-sex attraction can change / The Salt Lake Tribune

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  1. ryan field Says:

    Good post, Ryan. I don't see anything wrong with taxing them either. They should pay like everyone else.

  2. jimm Says:

    The bible was written by men, not God. And if we are made in His image, what does He do with His special parts?

    Heaven or hell? I'd rather come back here. What i wrote up above will prolly get me hell, tho.

  3. Matt Says:

    Glad you are back and posting! I just caught up over the past 40 minutes of reading since you have been backed. I missed you greatly, and it is encouraging to have you back on here.

    As for your topic I am lucky that the church I have grown up with since I was a little kid supports gay rights! Here's the link. There is still a way to go, but I'd say there off to a good start.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You make a lot of good points, Ryan. John the Baptist lived in the wilderness and never cut his hair or attended any church. He ate locusts and wild honey. My grandma used to send money to Oral Roberts even though she only got 60 dollars a month. Shakespeare: The fault dear Brutus, is not in the stars but ourselves we are the underlings. There are far greater things in heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. That Shakespeare fellow was wicked smart. Ted

  5. abril Says:

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  6. Anonymous Says:

    Did you read any of the talk the guy gave? Or just read reports about it? Because I read the actual transcript. The guy's not a scientist, but he's not preaching hate either. Read up a little more before you get your panties in a twist.