Weekend Review

What a fun and crazy weekend only thing I dont think I helped my cold at all. Friday night I wasn't feeling 100% but had a few friends over for some wine and hot tub time. It was good just sitting and talking laughing having a good time. Woke up Saturday feeling really rough but wasn't gonna let it get me down so I took some drugs and went about my day. I knew I shouldn't be thinking about the black & white party at the flamingo but couldn't help myself. So Saturday night rolls around and there I was in my undies at the flamingo shaking my ass.Sunday when I woke up of I knew I was in trouble not from drinking I only had a couple drinks. My head was pounding I was achy all over started coughing and yep full cold going on. It's all in my chest right now went to the doctors this morning and he said it's a different strain that's going around right now but it shouldn't mess with my immune system that much. He gave me some drugs anyway just to be safe. Yeah maybe bad idea going out Saturday night have naked. Mom is here now so she can take care of us.

Um wanted to speak a little on coming out day. I don't think this is a bad thing but I think for some it could be. Look if you have the support and friends then by all means come out. But if its going to make your life hell and you have no support then wait until the day that you have the support and you feel safe enough to come out. Don't get me wrong people please I am a gay man but I know people didn't have it as easy as I did. Just all I am saying is you come out make sure your safe and make sure you have the support either with friends or family. Most of all whatever you do just be safe!

3 Responses
  1. Bret Says:

    Glad you went to the dr and got some meds. I know you dont like having to do that and neither would I.

    I am sure Mom will take good care of you.

    Take it easy, or I may have to have your mom send you to bed...lol.

    Take care!!!!

  2. DH Starr Says:

    Great advice about Coming Out Day, Ryan. Never thought of it that way. I had it easier than most as well.

    Heck, why not allow every day be coming out day...or maybe it could be called come out on the right day for you.

    No, that wouldn't work :-)

  3. In light of the recent events and tragedies in the LGBT community and in honor of National Coming Out Day, I wrote a song titled "Other People" as a part of this project I just began and I am sending it to various LGBT websites and blogs.

    If you have a moment, please listen. Here is the direct link: http://365songs365days.tumblr.com/post/1297763243/11-365-other-people-nine-youth-committed

    Heather Mae Foard