Phone This

Been almost a week now and I haven't rushed out to get me a new cell phone. For those that didn't hear I think it was last Tuesday dad got a cell phone bill that almost killed him when he open it up. It was over 1700 hundred dollars yes I said 1700 hundred I posted a pic on facebook. Anyway he said he was shutting them off I say them cause he was paying for mine and Tyler's phone. Well what happen was he went and change the service to save some money well either my dad or the cell company didn't understand the other and the plan was changed and yep me and Tyler racked up the minutes.

Course he blamed us but we had no idea about the change in the plan. We had words before he shut them off of course. He said he was going to shut them off if we wanted cell phones to get them. Course I didn't help it any when I said go the fuck on and shut them off no hair off my balls dad or Tyler's he was being shitty for the record. I told him he was stupid anyway when most cell companies have deals that are like 50 bucks a month or less for everything. That didn't help at all he said something about being spoiled brats and mom babying us too much and we need to pay our own shit.I was like whatever pops shut the fuckers off we will get our own. Well I didn't give a shit care either way most of yall know I'm not a big phone person anyway. Texting omg hate it ask anybody on facebook that's ask me to text I rip them apart over that. I just think it's so stupid and so like old if I'm gonna have a phone I'm gonna talk not text someone. So don't ask me when I do get a phone about texting I don't text and you can take your text and stick in your ass ok! Tyler now he went 2 days without a phone and was freaking out I swear it's like some took away his favorite toy of something.

Finally I went and got him a phone we needed one I don't have a house phone either. So we went and looked at the phones and services. I decided on Boost Mobile for the price 50 bucks a month unlimited and they are apart of sprint/nextel so we could have the 2 way also. 50 a month and we can talk all we want Tyler can text and do the net and I can beep beep mom when I need her. But here's the deal the phone Tyler wanted us to have they only had one in stock and said they have some on back order and it could be a month before they get them in.

They offer to give me a loner phone until mine came in but I for once was thinking and said no. I'll wait we have Tyler's phone if I need to call someone besides saving 50 bucks until mine is up and running. See dad I'm using my head I can think about something besides animals and sex. Don't ask it's a long story So yeah a week without a cell phone and I haven't missed it at all now I'm thinking maybe I could live without it all together. Wow and here I didn't think I had anything to say today look at my long winded ass!

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  1. A Lewis Says:

    boys boys boys! simmer down there. I'd have smacked your asses over a $1,700 phone bill. You'd have been sent to your rooms, without a phone, and locked in for a month.

  2. tman Says:

    LMAO... yeah, kid... I'm with you completely!! texting?? WTF is THAT all about?? Everybody going around with their thumbs extended, in a daze, eyes glued to a freakin' screen... yeah, even when they're driving, for cryin' out loud!! Seems like regression to me... certainly not progress!!

    Oh, on the cell phones-- I can not understand the allure of all those ridiculously priced plans!! When did a phone plan become like a car payment?? What is wrong with people that they can't pay their bills but STILL need a cell phone, bleeding them every month at a rate they can't afford?? Why is it so important for EVERYBODY to be available 24/7?? I'll never understand that either...

    I had one of the original 'transportable' phones, years ago, not by choice, but, because I was building houses on the ocean with no phone access, and, there were too many guys working for me, for all of us to be unconnected... I got one bill for $800, and the stuff hit the fan!! Turns out, my help, and others , were 'borrowing' my phone when I wasn't watching- calling girlfriends, etc... Thank you, very little!! I put a security code into the phone that I didn't think I would need and, when the job was over, disconnected the service... Now, I use a Tracfone, that has no contracts and, essentially costs me $10/ month... That's enough to pay for a stupid little device like that!! lol luv, tman<3

  3. jimm Says:

    Animals and sex???

    Cells interfere with my hearing-aid's wi-fi, so i've never had one. My land-line is $18 per month. My email serves as my long-distance communications.

    Animals... and sex????


  4. Anonymous Says:

    You guys didn't know you were being charged or else you wouldn't have ran up such a high bill. It was Dad that screwed up by not reading the fine print when he changed the phone system he was using. I don't have a cell phone and have never sent a text message. Ted

  5. ryan field Says:

    Lol!! My biggest cell phone bill was 600.00. I almost dropped dead when I saw

    But it was money well spent. I met this gorgeous guy in Boston and dated him long distance for almost two months thanks to those phone calls.