This morning I was taking Tyler to school we were talking like we normally do nothing really special just brother talk. We stop at this red light and there was this pick up truck in front of us again nothing special just a normal Chevy pick up. Me & Tyler kept talking and all the sudden the passenger in the truck reach over and ran his fingers through the drivers hair and both of them lean in and kissed each other. Now what makes this super special to me is they were guys showing affection in public for each other. I just sit there was in awe of what I seen and I had tears in my eyes. Tyler looks over at me takes my hand and said see bro there is hope in this world man the tears just came out like a river.He's right though there is hope I think I've talked about this before but until today it didn't sink in. But guys doing that in public 10 years ago was almost unheard of and 10 years ago things were further than they were 20 years before that. I remember my Uncle talking about when he was a teen in the 80's and how it was to be gay so yeah things are going forward just very slow. Just think in another 10 years from now they will even be better. Yeah here the last few months seems like we've had set backs with these kids killing themselves over being bullied. But things are moving forward and getting better and there is HOPE!For the kids out there that might read my blog don't be a victim don't let anybody bully you. There is people that will help tell someone and if that person don't help then tell someone else and keep telling until someone helps! I have links on here that you can click and get help. Just whatever you do please fight don't give up don't be a victim your beautiful and we want you here to fight with us!!!!Later!
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  1. Gay Kissing Says:

    ... and that's part of the reason I built www.RateMyGayKiss.com.

    But, over a month and no one other than myself has added fotos ... so I will probably take it down cuz i've wasted my time.

    Hot fotos, tho ... what is the last one from?

  2. Matt Pfeffer Says:

    That's beautiful. It makes me grin ear to ear whenever I see guys or girls making out or showing affection for their same-sex partners. Most of my guy friends cringe even when I go to hug them and that makes me sad :( I hug em anyway, I don't care. It's hard to find a partner who isn't afraid of it, but like the guy in the vehicle, I'd like to let people know we're out there.

  3. elise Says:

    Good post, Ryan---
    and I hope that more gay couples feel safe enough to show affection in public,because I think there are a lot of folks who are scared or uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality mostly because they haven't had the chance to see for themselves that gays are "normal"--

    I've met a lot of these folks, who grew up in rural areas, exposed only to the homophobic teachings at church or by TV preachers----and it is so beautiful when they finally get the chance to see and meet "real-live gays", and realize that the "teachings" they were brought up on were just crap!!

    I just felt inspired to share this...thanks, Ryan!

  4. ryan field Says:

    I enjoyed this post. I'm ending up a book that gets into how gay people, men and women, don't feel free to show affection in public and I was wondering if I was on the right track. After reading this post, I feel a lot better.

    BIG HUG!!!!!!!!!

  5. Portia Says:

    Thank you for sharing this experience. I guess there was a part of my mind that knew this reality, but never acknowledged it. I've been the "other woman", having to hide true feelings. I can't image the pain of having to deny a lover or not be allow to show affection, because of the opinions of others or worse my own fears. I know I will now allow all of my characters to opening express their love and passion...

  6. This was touching, in more than a few ways. And I agree, there has been progress, and there is a long way to go for people to be treated with respect and kindness regardless of religious beliefs, skin color, gender, sexual identity, age or any other factor.

    Still there is hope. Thanks for the post, and you keep hoping and thinking positive thoughts.

  7. Austin Says:

    One of my favorite soundtracks has a song whose opening lyrics have become something of a motto for me:

    If I cannot bring you comfort, then at least I bring you hope.

    It's sometimes the best we can do, but it's often enough.

  8. Doug Says:

    There definitely is hope :) And I experienced it for myself just two nights ago. I went out with the boy I've been seeing to see a musical. We're in Orange County... in a pretty conservative town. As we walk up to the theater, he reaches for my hand and we hold hands the rest of the way. While sitting in the show, he leans over and kisses me. And while walking back to our car, he had his arms around me the whole time.

    It was a pretty new experience for me.. I've never had any public displays of affection with another guy. So while I was a little shocked at first, I just let it happen. And it felt good.

    In just a few years, things have changed for the better. and they'll just keep getting better. I know it. :)

  9. Eric Douglas Says:

    For the kids out there that might read my blog don't be a victim don't let anybody bully you.....

    These are your comments to kids reading your blog. Then right below this comment are two naked men in bed, not covered up.

    It isn't about love and affection more than sex, is it? Your hurting your point moving from displaying affection in public to screwing in bed. Keep that part private, like hetros should do, when it comes to kids, ok?