Ryan & Michael

I'm very blessed that I know 2 authors and can call them both friends.

Ryan Field I have know for I think 6 or 7 years as long as I been doing this blog. Ryan use to work for this gay website and ask me if I would do an interview and we just hit it off and been friends every since then. Ryan has many books out there and there all good he has a new Christmas coming out on the 19th Keep checking his blog to find out where you can get it I will also have the info on here as soon as I get it! Check out all Ryan's books at Amazon.com
Michael Russell I have know for a few years he like me is a nudist at heart and loves being outside with nature in the nude. He has told me of places up north to check out in the summer. Michael just finish his first book this year and it's really good its called First Floor on Fire. Here is a little about the book.....

The story centers around Nevaya Briggs, a strong, fragile, complex African-American teenager who must fight a predatory principal who thinks he’s saving her, an abusive mother, a collapsing school system and a violent classmate. Her ally is her openly gay brother Donyair, who must also battle a bigoted world while hiding his affair with his older brother. A seasoned teacher, Ms. Dee, tries to protect Nevaya, but Nevaya has learned to never trust adults. When she rejects her principal's advances, he manipulates Nevaya's enemies to exact revenge, and the consequences are disastrous. Every adult in Nevaya's life has let her down, and she will fight anyone to save herself from getting hurt even more deeply.Check Ryan & Michael's Books Out!
4 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    Thanks, Ryan.

    And I'm friends with Michael, too. I love his new book and I think he's very talented.

  2. Ryan Says:

    let me know about your christmas book when it goes on sale so i can post it!

  3. ryan field Says:

    I will...thanks!!

  4. Mike Russell Says:

    A belated "Thank you" to both wonderful Ryans. :)