Blue Christmas

Last night me & Kadin went over to some friends house for Christmas get together. They have know Kadin for a long time and I've come to like them a lot also. They are an older couple both in there late 40's now I'm not saying that's old just from my age there older is all so don't jump my ass ok!

Anyway we went over for a Christmas get together they had a veggie tray and a meat tray I won't even go into that and some wine. They had a fire going in the fireplace it was real nice they had there house all decorated for the holiday I was looking around seeing how happy they are and see me and Kadin years down the road being that happy.

We were talking and they said only thing they missed in life was having kids. They both wished they would have had kids. I said your both still young enough to adopt. Course first thing they said in Florida. I know it's hard but it's possible bet it even costs a lot but I thought it was getting easier. Maybe I'm wrong I know in some states its still banned.

Ok thinking about this since last night and it's got me a little worked up. They are gay couples out there that are willing to take these kids that need homes and need someone to love them and a state says no we cant have that. Really think about that the government would rather keep theses kids in whatever they keep them in and turn them out when there 18 angry and mad at the world and feel like nobody loves them.

But you have gay couples that would take theses children in love them and raised them as there own give them a good life and a good chance at being something. But no God forbid you stick theses kids with gay couple they may turn them gay! I just think about this and it really pisses me off. I blame organize religion for this I do and if it pisses some people off oh well deal with it.

For all you out there that are not gay listen up we as gays don't have magic powers or we don't have fairy dust that we sprinkle on you and make you gay ok. We are born gay and if a child is gay he was born that way ok no magical dust here ok. If your worried about us gays wanting to help theses kids then do something about it like I don't know adopt them give them a home. If you don't to them give us a chance to give theses kids a fighting chance!

Damn grow the fuck up people!!!!
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Oh, I'll jump your ass boy. You know I will. Upper 40s old.......damn.....

  2. Ryan Says:

    hehe arnie i love you!!!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    The recently elected ASSHOLE Rick Scott as Governor of our Great State of Florida will be NO FRIEND of this issue! It makes me sick to think of all those kids being denied a loving home due their hatred! ( It's even sicker how many gay people o our state who voted Republican (Scott) knowing that they will never help the GLBT community , let alone these kids who deserve to be loved and have a wonderful childhood! (sorry for the political spin on this but IT FITS this issue!) Evert child has the right to a safe and happy home ,regardless of the parents sexual orientation.....DISGRACEFUL to say the least!!! Jon Winship

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    This is one place where I think my church and some others let "the perfect be the enemy of the good." I think that ideally children are raised by loving birthparents. But if the parents die, if the mother is not married to the father and can't raise the child alone, if the parents are abusive — then what. It may be that a stable family which includes a mother and a father is the "next best." But if a child can't be placed in such a family, then what?

    I agree with you that having a child bounced from one foster home to another or in some institution is not good, and I think the church and the state need to rethink this and realize that being raised by two men or two women is not the worst thing that can happen to a child.

  5. Austin Says:

    There are studies that have shown children raised by gay couples to be as stable - and perhaps even more stable than - those raised by heterosxual couples. Check the transcripts from the first Prop 8 trial; the anti-8 crowd brought up many of them. I see no reason why "the church" should be brought into the issue of adoption at all since it is purely a civil issue.

  6. elise Says:

    Hey Ryan---I love your passion and your commitment to important LGTB issues like this one......have you thought about working with local advocacy groups to publicize and promote specific action plans, events, etc?

    You have a string voice----maybe you can inspire readers to join forces, or talk about ways to help in their own cities/States, etc.

    Babies should not be available only to rich gays who can afford surrogacy or expensive lawyers..

    hugs, elise

  7. ryan field Says:

    Good post. I never wanted kids myself (I don't even want to sit on a plane next to them:), but I know gay couples who do want them and the laws are very unfair.