Christmas Story

Got an email last week in the email I was ask if I didn't mind to write a post on my favorite Christmas. I wrote back the guy and told him I would write a post about a Christmas I remember a lot might not be my favorite but I remember it very well. So let's take a ride down memory lane when I was a small 14 year old boy shall we?

This was a sad and very strange Christmas this was the first Christmas after September 11th attacks. Dad was gone overseas doing whatever he does best for the government. So it ws the first time he was gone on the holiday so that made it strange. But Mom did her best to try to make it a good Christmas. I remember doing a lot of different things in the community to remember those who lost on that September day.

Funny thing was I don't remember what all I got for Christmas that year other than my Grandma got me my own computer for my room and I knew that was my way out to the world. Wasn't long after that I started blogging it was the gateway to porn for me I guess it was to me what playboy was to my Dad. All I know is I spent many hours locked in my room. lol

I remember my Dad even though he wasn't there still had gifts for me. Not sure if he got them before he left or had them sent I don't know all I know is one gift he gave me that pissed me off to know end. He got me a rifle yeah I know right it wasn't until he got back from overseas we talked and fought about it I told him I would never be the boy he wanted I wasn't going hunting and I wasn't going to shoot any animals.

I remember the fight like it was yesterday and I remember him saying he would take the damn guy back. I said no I will keep it he said for what? I said I was going to sell it omg he freak out said you not selling the gun I bought it just give it back I said you may have bought it but it was a gift to me its mine now and I'm gonna sell it. Course it made him so mad but ya know what he gave the money for the guy. I think I spent the money on clothes!

So I guess I remember that the most cause of the attacks and the gun I got that year and the computer from my Grandma. Not a great Christmas story it was a bad year for America I don't think many of us was happy that Christmas. Tomorrow or Wednesday I will do a post on my last Christmas with my Grandma it will take me some time to get through it cause it still rips me apart inside and it just flows out so I need to make sure Kadin is around to hold me.
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Honey...a rifle is a GREAT
    gift :) You can shoot
    bad people with them :)
    Oh wait, that's what I do
    with them...

    LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!


  2. aaron Says:

    Since my dad was usually drunk at Christmas the days were usually quite stressful. I know there were happy moments in there but I don't remember them.

    So now, I do not celebrate ANY holidays. I'm usually here in the office working.

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    Well that was certainly a memorable Christmas, if not a great one. It was good that you and your family were involved in the efforts to help the people who had lost loved ones on 9/11.

    I'm glad to see the two first pictures in your Facebook profile album, the ones from your trip to West Virginia. As I told you a couple of years ago, I think they are good pictures, and I think you're beautiful in them.

  4. ryan field Says:

    Nice post, Ryan! I always enjoy your posts this time of year.

  5. jimm Says:

    Your dad meant well, tho. Most dads want us to have the same experiences they had growing up. But times change. So did you guys find other ways to connect?