Oh What a Night

We haven't been out on the town in such a long time. To be honest it's just something we don't do anymore. I see people I use to run with when I moved to Florida and there still the same still every weekend going to the clubs drinking and shit. Running from club to club that I never understood but they seem to want to hit every club before closing time. I see them and I see nothing has change other than there drinking more than they did before and they have aged.

Sad part if I wouldn't have got into that car wreck a few years ago and been laid up in the hospital I would have never met Kadin and I would more than likely still been running with that crowd. It's sad really when I look back and see how stupid I was back then but I was like a kid in candy store just moved away from home and was old enough to go clubbing without a fake ID I thought I was king shit and I let it all hang out yes all was hanging out at one time or the other lol.

Anyway Sunday night Kadin was like lets go out have a couple drinks and you can sing. I was like ok if your sure he was like yes I love hearing you sing. Only place I know we could go that I could do karaoke was Detours it's a club in St Pete. So off we went to Detours and like I said ran into so friends and we were having a great time I was singing had a couple drinks laughing with old friends and then one drunk had to fuck up the night.

Kadin's ex came in and saw Kadin at first I didn't think to much about him talking to another guy were not the jealous type but this guy seem to be pushing Kadin's button. So I finally went up and ask who is this babe? Kadin said this is my ex Matt I was like hey Matt he look at me and said fuck you twinky. I am like for real this dude just call me a twinky? I consider myself a lot of things but twinky is not one of them. Of course me and my southern mouth wasn't gonna take this and I cut into him.

Make a long story short people got us away from each other and to be honest I thought he left. But then I see him on the otherside of the club giving me the death look and shit. Course I guess I was giving it back. After a while Kadin was like let's go home this was a bad Idea I agree said let's go. On the way to the truck I got sucker punch in the back of the head didn't see it coming of course until I was on the ground. Yep it was Matt fucker clock me with my back to him.

Before I could get a chance to even hit him back Kadin was on him I ended up pulling Kadin off him telling him it wasn't worth it to stop. Course some other guys seen Kadin on Matt and thought me and Kadin was jumping this guy but thank God they listen before they jump or it would have been a mess and me and Kadin might have takin an ass whipping. Anyway now I got a bump on my head from a ex boyfriend lol. Why can't people move on when it's over hmm guess I should ask myself the same question huh?

7 Responses
  1. A Lewis Says:

    I know what you mean. I went out the other night in Austin with a few buddies. Yikes! Wow.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I'm glad it wasn't any worse than that.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    As much as I hate to profile people, sometimes it just fits. Many Queens just live for drama and CANNOT be happy for others, especially when they see their ex with some one new and happy. Gay guys (and gals probably) are the worst for this I hate to say. This is exactly the main reason i tend to stay home and not hit the drama laden club scene. don't get me wrong, I love a good nite out partying but dread seeing my ex's ( only a total of 4 ) ( Ft Lauderdale is mt old stomping grounds and three of them live there still.)
    It is just not worth it to have my night ruined by their drama laden attitudes. I currently live with my ex (#3LTR)and we are both totally cool with each other dating or having friends over. Two of my ex's are like this and only one was the jealous type, BTW.
    I am so glad you and Kadin are ok !!! Jon Winship

  4. Eric (Rick) Says:

    Ryan and Kadin..I am glad you guys are ok. Wow that guy is a real asshole. Hard to understand why he acted like that, but it's good you are both ok. Hugs guys...Eric

  5. Carl Says:


    There is only one think Matt needs to know. You and Kadin won, you have each other.

  6. jimm Says:

    Can you sing for us?