Got Your Valentine Right Here

Gonna go back to when I was a kid on this post I'm sure ya''ll will recall this in your childhood also just hope the outcome for you was better than it was for me. Remember in grade school at Valentine's how you would make little boxes to hang on the front of your desk so we could pass out Valentine cards to our classmates?

I hated it to be honest back in grade school as most of you know I was bullied so I didn't have any friends. I was the freak they would say I wore glasses, hearing aids was little compared to the other kids so yeah I had the target on me and boy them kids didn't let that pass them. Daily I was called names, hit on my stuff stolen.Anyway this post isn't about bullying really it's about Valentines. Remember making boxes and exchanging Valentine cards? The teacher would say we had to exchange with everyone. My Mom bless her heart would go out and by them stupid boxes of Valentine cards and would make me sit down and fill them out with my classmates names.

I wanted so bad to write bad things to the people but I didn't. I also didn't want to give them cards in the first place. But I did cause of my Mom and the teacher. Well when it came time for everyone to exchange cards I went to everyones desk and drop the card in there stupid boxes I would get back to my desk and knew what I would find.I was already threaten the day before when the teacher ask if everyone box was full I better answer yes. I would get like 2 or 3 Valentine cards normally 2 of them were some sort of bullying or hate card made up. There was 1 girl that gave me a card and it was a regular card not sure why she never talked to me.

Guess why I'm even writing this is I seen them Valentine cards at the store this morning and I remember how I use to hate Valentine's day. Course it is much better now with Kadin but I tell ya if I had all of you as classmates I sure would buy a box of them cards and drop one in each one of boxes and knowing when I got back to my desk my box would be full.Later!
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Be my valentine.

  2. ryan field Says:

    I was never big on the cards in school either, epscially since I wanted to give cards to all the cute boys, not the So for me Valentine's Day was all about the chocolate :)

    You hit on a great topic toady. I really mean that. I think most gay people would agree, too.

  3. ryan field Says:

    PS: I really like the title of this post, too !!

  4. Eric Says:

    Hugs babe....I know what you mean about the hate and bullying. It came later for me for the most part (high school was torture), but I empathize with you on the pain and sorrow this kind of thing dumped on you. You are a sweet guy and you and Kadin deserve each other. You deserve love and hopefully all the love and joy of Kadin, family and friends can help erase those awful memories. For me, helping others is a big key to moving on too. Love ya!

    Eric (Rick on FB)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I know baby...
    I know...
    I wouldn't give
    you a card though...
    Nope...I would give you
    a BIG hug cause you already
    have my heart :)
    With my children it's
    always valentines day :)

  6. jimm Says:

    Ryan, as bad as it was with the bullying and all, dont ya think that mean treatment made you into the person you are today? When you rise above that trash, your victories in life smells so much sweeter.

    Ok, well, cant hear sh*t, i gotta go find a new battery.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I had forgotten about that. I do remember fillpunched me and kicked meing out a card for everyone in my class. It seemed so strange to send a Be My Valentine to the girls who were so much better than me and the boys who punched me and kicked me. I would give out 25 to 30 cards but only got 5 or 6 back. Ted

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry. I don't know why my stupid computer changes my words around like that. I guess it is a bully too.LOL Ted

  9. Aaron Yeagle Says:

    Speaking of Valentine's Day ... I am running a promotion for another site of mine:

    I will donate $5 for each new gay / lesbian kiss photo uploaded between now and Valentine's Day. Beneficiaries include The Trevor Project, It Gets Better Project, Matthew Shepard Foundation and HRC.

    I could use a little help to spread the word.