Last week at work the police brought in this dog that came from a bad home. We were told that the dog was beaten most his life and was under weight. The poor guy was scared out of his mind the vet look him over gave him some meds he didn't find anything broken. I washed him and clip his nails got him looking all good and then feed him wow did he eat.

I took him out with the other dogs his size and at first he was scared and tried to climb my leg. Now this dog was beaten most his life and should hate people but still look for a human to protect him when he was scared. How sad is that I tell you human could learn a lot from animals if they would take the time to watch.Most of the day I watched this little guy through the window and I saw him warming up to other dogs I saw him eating and running and playing. The best to me even though I cried a lot that day just thinking about the hell I went through if you don't believe me ask my mom she will tell you I was tore up over this little dog.

Anyhoo I was saying the best thing to me was after all the hell this little guy been through he came up to me and some of the other workers with his tail wagging wanted love from a human. How great is that? What a wonderful lesson this dog has show me and many others. I would post on here what I like to do to the old owners of this dog but it would ruin the story I'm tryin to tell. Just know this they won't be able to own a pet again!
Have a Beautiful Day!
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Ry! You have such an important place to perform your magic in this world. I can only imagine the blessing that you are to those needy pooches! Great job, man.

  2. ryan field Says:

    Sounds like you're doing what you love!

  3. Adrian Paul Says:

    How sweet! Your such the humantarian! Good job.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There are so many stupid people in the world who think what they do to animals doesn't matter. Last winter my sister and I put straw in our nieghbors pit bulls dog house and we fed and watered him. My sister confronted the owner and told him to take better care of his dog or she would call the authorities. He told her he would shoot her if whe comes on his property again. He took the dog away. This winter he brought the same white pit bull male back and chained it to the same large and now empty doghouse. My sister said she tried but now the dog is on his own. It was -4 degrees the last time I went by there walking my mothers dog. The pit bull was standing looking out of his bare doghouse and shivering uncontrollably. I told myself I'm getting him some straw but the next day I saw tire tracks in the snow leading up to his doghouse and no dog could be found. I didn't see his frozen carcase but I think he died. I just wish I had done something even if it meant getting shot at. At least now the poor thing isn't cold anymore. Ted