Save Our Wildlife

It’s outrageous. Last weekend, the U.S. House of Representatives passed harmful legislation that threatens the future of America's wolves… and represents the worst anti-environmental agenda in the last 15 yrs, undermining protections for clean air, clean water and endangered species and other wildlife.

The good news is that – with just one simple action – you can help stop these sneaky anti-wildlife attacks that are hidden in a must-pass bill meant to keep the federal government running.

Take action now: Urge your senators to oppose efforts to eliminate vital protections for wolves and other wildlife.

States like Idaho and Montana are taking a hostile stand against wolves -- threatening the very future of these magnificent animals. Until these states are ready to secure the long term survival of wolves in the region, federal protections are vital to the future survival of wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

But it's not just wolves at stake. If a House-like bill succeeds in the Senate, it would be the first time in history that a single species was exempted from the Endangered Species Act -- setting a dangerous precedent and putting our most vulnerable wildlife at risk.

This scorched-earth, anti-environment bill would also block the Environmental Protection Agency programs that protect the air we breathe, and severely limit efforts to help our nation adapt to the threats posed by climate change.

By blocking necessary funding, another provision would eliminate EPA’s ability to protect communities and wildlife under the Clean Water Act against even the most egregious proposed mountain top mining projects.

And the bill slashes key conservation funding streams like those feeding the Land and Water Conservation Fund and State Wildlife Grant programs, and takes a swipe at the vital Endangered Species Act. Among other things, this recklessness jeopardizes California’s Bay Delta water supply. These are just some of the anti-environmental attacks in this awful bill.

The need for action is urgent. Please speak out now.

Legislation like the bill passed by the House is bad for wolves, bad for the Endangered Species Act, and bad for the future of all America’s wildlife.

We need your voice to speak out for wolves and other wildlife struggling to survive.

Help safeguard the future of wolves and other wildlife in America. Send your message right now.


Robert Dewey
Vice President, Government Affairs
Defenders of Wildlife
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