I just wanted to thanks everyone for the last week the emails and comments on here and facebook really do mean a lot. Trust me just when I felt I like I couldn't go through 1 more day I would see a comment from someone that would give me that strength so thanks you do mean the world to me most you been hanging with me for many, many years.

Grandpa funeral went well mom ask me if I would sing at his funeral and first I didn't think I could do it but when the push from yall and Kadin I did it and I think it went a lot of people was crying when I got done. Tyler recorded it on his phone it's still hard for me to listen to it. I can tell it was all I could do to get through it and you could hear my voice almost break down. Glad to be back home there is a lot went on while I was gone I didn't get to cover.

I am gonna cover the dislike I have for drag queens later this week cause I keep getting ask what going on there. There is one and a club in St Pete that are both on my shit list and until I get what I want from them I am going to trash them yeah its childish its not like me I know but ya know sometimes this is the best way to handle things.

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  1. Doug Says:

    I am glad to see you are doing much better after the funeral. It is good you got the song recorded.

    Sometimes you just have to stand up to somebody or for something. I don't know what is going on with the drag queens but it must be important to you. Just make sure you don't do anything stupid and get into trouble. Be careful.

    Doug Lindquist

  2. Doug Says:
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  3. jimm Says:

    me thinks you've earned yer wings, angel...

  4. ryan field Says:

    Glad things are better!!

  5. Eric Says:

    Hang in there babe....his memory will be with you and those he loved forever. I am proud of you Ryan! Hugz as always!

  6. Jacob Woods Says:

    Glad things could work out!

  7. wishing you all the best Ryan, it sounds as a phrase, but it's meant so, you know

  8. elise Says:

    So glad you decided to sing at Grandpa's funeral---it obviously meant a lot to your mom.

    Can Tyler post the recording? I'm sure many other blog friends would love to hear your sweet voice!

    many hugs....

  9. Anonymous Says:

    We miss those that pass away, but we'll see them again someday. Now they have no pain, but the love still remains. Their memories will never die, those left behind may cry. Think of them up there, I say, they are not dead just away. Ted