Who's Next

I really need to stop doing the facebook thing so much and get back into this blog. Before facebook or myspace I use to blog and blog a lot now seems like I take the easy way out and update my status see something else that social networking has effect. Yesterday I get this warning from facebook about a pic that someone reported as being nasty.

A pic of me sleeping in a bed with a little but cheek showing now Kadin took this book and he thought it was cute and was ok with me sharing it but cause I have this little war going on here in St Pete Florida with some fuck faces they report me and facebook smack my hand whatever Patrick didn't stop me did ya? Like I said maybe it's time to get back into blogging and less facebooking.

Tyler had his first kickboxing match last night I'm not crazy about him being into this but he seems to like it so I go along with it. At first I was liking watching and not liking at all when Tyler was getting hit and kick then I started getting pissed I wanted to jump in the ring but I knew this boy would kick my ass I don't know all about karate and that shit.

Next thing I was yelling come on Tyler kick his ass don't let him do that to you take his ass down Tyler! This one lady was like wow your into this I'm like I can't stand it but that's my brother and I don't want him to win. So yeah my first time out I was acting like a crazy father lol all I know is Tyler won his match! Who's next? lol just kiddingLater!
3 Responses
  1. Travis Says:

    lol. congrats tyler on winning. i could never kick box, or maybe i could. idk. im pretty nonviolent. haha.
    like i said on facebook, if only my blog posted my updates from facebook. it would work so much better.

    hope you have a great day ryan!


  2. Doug Says:

    You are just a big brother looking out his little brother. I would have been scared too. I was never into boxing, or stuff like this. As long as Tyler takes all the precautions I think you should support him. Just make sure he doesn't get hurt. I am glad Tyler won.

  3. ryan field Says:

    I love kick boxing. There's so much skill invloved people don't realize. It's a mind thing and a physical thing. Good for Tyler.

    Try not to get to upset about the facebook thing. I just keep doing it once in a while. I enjoy blogging and twitter a lot more.