Dreams Why?

I know I've wrote about dreams before I don't know why I have them so much and I always remember them. Most the time they have no meaning there crazy dreams sometimes they do have meaning they are something that's happen in my past. Last night I had a crazy dream some of it was something that did happen and part of it never happen but it all went together.

I kept waking up cause of this dream and I would wake up sometimes yelling sometimes screaming and scared. Kadin was great and I know he was tired cause he worked a double yesterday but he would hold me and tell me it was just a dream and things were ok. He told me he wouldn't let anybody hurt me. All I know is it felt real and I'm so tired today like I didn't sleep at all.

This is part of the dream I not going to say any names cause like I said part of it's true. I will say a few years ago I was with this boy this was before Mikey and I did this boy wrong and was kinda mean to him and I have always felt bad over it. But he was in my dream and he was really upset with me over the things I did to him and he came back to get even with me.

To get even with me he set things up to hurt me really bad and he knew the way to do this was to get at Tyler. So he paid someone to play Tyler and Tyler fell in love with the person. He ended up getting Tyler in this hotel room and then he called me and told me I better get there or he would do something bad to Tyler. So of course I went there as fast as I could.

When I got there he had Tyler tied up in a chair and he said he would let Tyler go if I agreed to do whatever he wanted of course I said I would do whatever don't hurt my brother.This guy pulled out a gun and shot me in the side then he ask me does it hurt? I hope it hurts Ryan cause that's what you did to me was hurt me. Tyler is screaming don't hurt my brother and then I wake up.

This happen all night long I don't get it why do I have dreams so much? Is my mind telling me I need to find this guy and tell him I'm sorry? All I know is I'm tired I know Kadin is tired cause I kept him up. I just want to cry right now this is a shitty day.
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  1. Doug Says:

    One of my psychiatrists got me into dream interpretation. He had me read Carl Jung. Everything in your dream means something, the people, the places, the colors, the objects, etc.

    It seems to me at least that there are some unresolved feelings towards this other guy.

  2. Eric in MD Says:

    Ryan...I have nightmares sometimes and can relate. The best way to alleviate those feelings is to continue being the nice person you are...loving and protecting animals; caring for and loving Kadin and your family; and trying to be empathetic and understanding with others. You do all that stuff already and you can put the past behind you. I have let go a lot of my past and it feels good! Hugs babe1 Eric

  3. jimm Says:

    There are events from my childhood im not proud of, but i see it as a part of growing up.

    Ah well, least you dont have a mean ol' black bear chasing you, like i do in my recurring nightmares. And, no, i cant interpret that-a-one.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Ryan, I don't know so much about dreams, but have you ever tried some relaxation techniques just before going to bed? They might be very helpful to calm your mind down, so that you dream less and more balanced ones.


  5. letopho Says:

    The dreams that cause me the most anxiety happens in the morning when I snooze.

    I just want to stay in bed to escape my reality, but it ends up just emerging in my subconscious.

  6. naturgesetz Says:

    If you can find the guy you hurt and apologize to him, I think it would be a good thing to do, even if you weren't having nightmares. If you think he might really want to harm you, try to do it without letting him know where you are.

    If you can't find him, make a mental exercise of having a conversation with him, trying to imagine truthfully what he might say, and responding in ways that express how sorry you are.