Daytime Soaps are Dying

Ok today I'm going to talk about something that maybe many of you could careless about as it seems many Americans have Daytime Soaps. They are dying and soon will be gone forever I'm afraid. It started in 2009 with the Guiding Light then the next year with As the World Turns. I wasn't a fan of Guiding Light so when it got canceled I was like ok but then I heard they were canceling As the World Turns I was like wtf?I guess I was like 12 or 13 when I started watching As the World Turns I remember it was one of my hospital stays and nothing much was on so I stop on ATWT cause this guy caught my eye I know right lol anyway he was like older than I was but damn cute He played Paul Ryan Stenbeck on the show and all I know if he made me fill all warm and fuzzy inside. He wasn't on there much after I started watching but the show had me hooked.So I went out got me some VCR tapes and started recording them so when I came home school I could watch ATWT did this for years thank God they came out with the DVR made it so much easier to record the show. Somewhere along the way I got hooked on General Hospital and yes I still am. When the cancel ATWT turns I could see what was happening and it was only going to get worse.I was right last month they announced they were pulling the plug on 2 more soaps All My Children & One Life to Live I know one is ending later this year and the other next year sometime. I've never watch either of these shows but I know how the fans of these shows feel and I know there doing everything they can to save these shows but really its a waste of time.Just like fans of ATWT & GL tried to say them shows and have even ask Oprah to get the shows and run them on her OWN network this is a lost cause and even Oprah this past week said that soaps are dying and we can't save she said she couldn't save them as much as it hurts I have to agree with her. Times are different now there just not enough people sitting home in the daytime to keep soaps on anymore.It's a shame I know it is and I know it's just a matter of time before General Hospital gets canceled and I will be sad but it is what it is. Only thing I can think of is maybe try to run one of these soaps at night on a weekly basis and see what happens then maybe that will work and the show can be saved.I say the few that are left enjoy them while there on. Do what you can to support the shows before the ax comes down on them. But raining hell writing the networks or even protesting really anit going to do shit other than waste your time. Just like trying to get Oprah to help she's not going to do anything that don't make money. I'm sorry folks but looks like something else that will be in past apart of American History.

"There is a destiny that makes us family"
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My ex and I used to record Y & R and watch it together after work ..We looked forward to it. Then we go into ATWT ( Luke and Noah..HOT !!) Well , they cancelled it after some 60+ years on the air. Maybe it was time to move on. I think it may be that the daytime soaps are getting outdated with much of the public. I miss my show and hope they may do some type of reunion show in the future......Look to the future, but ALWAY'S remember the past...........................Jon Winship

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I never got hooked on soaps. Somebody posted clips of Luke and Noah on YouTube, and I enjoyed watching those, as I had also enjoyed Craig and John Paul from the British soap Hollyoaks.

    So it's not a big deal for me, but it's kinda too bad por folks who are fans.

  3. Doug Says:

    I got hooked on Days of Our Lives back in college. my mother watched it before that. I have watched it now for close to thirty years now. it is a shame that shows like this have to be cancelled just because they ant to make more money.

  4. The really sad thing about this is that the soap operas started (at least one or two of them) back in the days of radio before television. Yes, some of these shows are about 50 years old or more. I remember fondly being a little kid at my grandmother's house and sitting there watching her click between two or three of her "stories". Let us hope that they don't replace them with lame ass "reality" tv. Yet another reason why I just don't watch tv anymore.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I go back a long way with soaps. When they would come on after lunch, and I was home from school, that was my cue to go play outside! My mom watched them religiously. Even on rainy days, I'd go to the basement to play, or my room.

    BUT, when I was working for various TV stations, I got hooked. When your job is to be aware of what's on the air, you tend to watch. And get addicted.

    You're right about them disappearing quickly. It has to do with reality TV's rise - everything from the Jerry Springers to the Judge Whoever shows, to Lost and all the rest of them. People want to watch real people's suffering in public rather than actors, no matter how compelling the plotline.

    Another era passes in the life of the "Vast Wasteland"!

    Nice post!
    Peace <3

  6. ryan field Says:

    I've been watching All My Children & One Life to Live for years...and Young and Restless, too. I used to tape them and watch at night. And now I either DVR or watch them later on soapnet.

    I think the problem is they aren't sexy enough anymore. But I'll miss them.