Facebook, Shitheads and a Naked Guy

So this guy well this is my blog so I can say what I want and how I feel so let me start over this punk ass mother fucker from Oklahoma named Brian Chandler sent me an email on facebook said he didn't like one of my pics and could i remove it the pic was of a guy in a speedo swimsuit yes the cock was outline in the speedos but that wasn't the point. So I email him and said your not even on my friends list why should what I post bother you his respond was this..."cause i have a 11 year old daughter who uses fb and seen it si i removed u as a frieind... I cant have that stuff showing up on my wall sorry" his words just how i got them in the email. He reported me to facebook and I got this from facebook... Final Warning: Community Standards for Uploading Photos Another photo that you uploaded was removed from the site because it was found to violate Facebook policies. Facebook doesn’t allow you to post photos that include: Content that is pornographic or contains nudity, or is inappropriately sexual Attacks on an individual or a group of people Depictions of self harm, excessive violence or drug use It is very important that you observe these standards. I have many question over this first off this dad of the year why is he friends with a gay guy in the first place? Why is he letting his 11 year old daughter look at his wall? Why report me why not just block me? Questions I'm sure I will never know. Facebook I don't understand you on the side of my wall I see pics for underwear even a cock sock that was for sell but I post a speedo pic and I get my finally warning really? So it's ok for you to had ads up showing outlines of cock as long as this underwear company is paying you then its ok but I can show swimwear? You know I hate throwing this around and Yall know I dont but I'm starting to think maybe facebook has something against gay people they sure do seem to be picking on gays a lot deleting there pages or warning them all the time. So I don't know I cant fight facebook there to big and they will only delete me so I guess I will just become what they want another boring person on there site hell were only a number anyway so they can get ad money so I'll just be what they want a puppet and say what I want and post what I want here. Right now I feel like saying FUCK YOU facebook and Brian ok that felt good! Ok for those who just want to see a guy showing some cock here ya go enjoy!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't worry Ryan, one person in a country of 300 million will not ruin my day so don't let it ruin yours buddy!!.. You are very right about the ads that FB allows being far more sexual than a pic of someone in speedo's.. This was another reason why I# told FB to take a flyin fuck two weeks ago when I cancelled my account with them permanently. They need to grow a set!!! I've seen far more nude and sexually explicit photo's by MANY people on FB and never heard of them getting warned at all. Forget them!! It's not worth aggravating yourself over any longer.

    BTW, that pic is HOT !! and thats a sweet/ nice unit he has got as well!!!!!.............Jon Winship

  2. Eric in Maryland Says:

    Hang in there Ryan...FB truly sucks but we shall keep trying. I want to test them and see what they allow just for kicks..will let you know what happens.

    Yeah he is cute..nice dick on that guy..looks like Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

    Jon Winship...drop me a line when you can..miss u..Eric (Rick). ecrossley@comcast.net

  3. jaygeemmm Says:

    I can't disagree with your sentiments here. In fact, I totally agree! I've never seen underwear ads on my page, who knows how they target ads. Just remember though, that lots of us can't have even "close to sexual" stuff popping up at work, so while I love coming home and checking out the pics on your blog, I can't feel safe checking my FB page at lunch if I have to wonder what will "pop up" there. And I'd hate to block your posts! That's not friendly! Then I'd miss the ones about the theft at the Humane Society (I helped a little bit)...and your trips for lunch! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

  4. ryan field Says:

    Good Post!

  5. FOGGY Says:

    FACEBOOK isn't alone. Take a look at Blogger's extremely overbroad definition of their "community standards and content policies".

    I wonder If "straight people" are held to the same standard - as if there are no porn sites on either Facebook or any of Google's sites.