He Loves Me

I'm a flirt and I know it it's kinda funny cause I'm a little shy also but somehow it works for me. Reason I even bring this up I want to talk about the love of my life and don't want people to take my flirting the wrong way. Kadin came into my life about 3 years ago now at the point that was a real low in my life I was at rock bottom and didn't think I was gonna make it out alive to be honest. Most of this I haven't talk about before some of it I have but now it's something I want to tell. I met Kadin in the hospital he was the nurse taking care of me. I was sick having of of the many issues I have with my immune system. All I know was finally I had a hot nurse that was taking care of me and was I ever gonna flirt with him. I would love when he came in I would ask is it time for my sponge bath yet he would just smiled and say didn't you already have a shower? I said I had a shower but not a sponge bath again he would just smile. The day came I was being released and I was like not sure if he was gay or if he was into me.

I finally got a set a balls and I ask mom to go get me a thank you card I was gonna leave it at the nurses station for him. She did and I wrote in the card "Thanks for takin care of me I enjoy this stay more than any other stay I have had. Oh by the way not sure if you would be interested or not but I would like to buy you a drink sometime coffee or other call me sometime if you would like that. Either way thank you for the wonderful care" So I left it at the desk and I waited and waited and waited. About a week went by when I got the call and he told me he normally don't do things like that with someone from the hospital but I was stuck in his mind and he would like to meet for some coffee. Ok I was like a kid with a new toy I just broken up with Mikey and that was hard on me I loved him so very much and I was jumping from guy to guy looking for something that I couldn't find. So I met Kadin for coffee that night and I found what was missing in my life.I'm not gonna sit here and say it's been a fairytale romance cause it hasn't. I will say most of the fault lies with me. Kadin has been nothing but great to me and has loved me no matter what. I have hurt him in so many ways and he still is here and shows me everyday how much he loves me. He is such a great man the things I have done and he still is here. He helped me through a dark time in my life when all I wanted to do was drink and party and do the shit that comes with that lifestyle. He was there when I crashed his car and had to have my knee replaced he help me to see I didn't need that lifestyle. Again I cheated on this man and when he could have left me and he did to cool down he came back and we worked it out. So I want to make it clear I may flirt and may run around naked that's just me and I don't care really yes maybe I am a little proud of my body but I earn it. I didn't have the awesome body in school and when I did nobody notice so yeah I flaunt it a little so if I flirt or if I hang out at the beach or at my house by the pool and we hang out naked don't mean I want to get it on with you. I love Kadin and he knows how I am and he knows I do this and is ok with it he also knows cause I gave my word I would never hurt him again by cheating and I won't. He tells me how lucky he is and I have to tell him no I am the lucky one.I thank God everyday for a few things in my life Kadin is the first thing I thank him for.

I Love You Kadin Bear!

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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Fairtale romances are nowhere. And I'm glad you've realized it. I'm also thankful that you have someone in your life who loves you....and who you are able to love. It doesn't get any better than that.

  2. Eric Says:

    So cool Ryan. You and Kadin are a great couple and that makes me very happy. We all make mistakes and having another person who understands, forgives and still wants to share life is amazing. I truly believe good things happen to good people and you two are as good as it gets! Hugs as always!

    Eric (AKA Rick)

  3. Doug Says:

    what a story. you were really lucky to have met Kadin. You are really lucky that Kadin has as much understanding and has forgiven you. You really do make a good couple and I hope it lasts a very long time.

    Do you still have Kadin give you sponge baths?

  4. jaygeemmm Says:

    I would say you are both lucky young men. It takes a strong man to stick with his love, and help him grow and become a better person. Some people would just pack up and go.

    I know I understand your "flirtyness". It's totally cool. And you are right, nudity doesn't equal an offer of sex.

    Cheers to you both, your happiness helps show others that they, too, can find the one person with whom life is grand (maybe not perfect, I'm not sure that exists)! It does get better. Thanks for a really nice post that says good things about both of you!

    Peace <#

  5. Mike Says:

    good for you finally finding your nurse you always been looking for. i reckon my bed side manner wasnt all that but im use to taking care of myself and expected at least a little bit of that from the other person.

  6. Ryan I really hope to find what you have with Kadin one day. You are BOTH lucky. :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    yeah...you are the lucky one...
    if you ever forget that (which I
    know you won't) you will get your
    skinny ass handed to you with my
    foot so far up it they will have
    to remove it by force!


  8. elise Says:

    My sweet Ryan---You sure have learned the hard way that making a relationship succeed takes work, and determination, commitment and compromise.
    I wish you and Kadin all the happiness in the world----your love and partnership are precious blessings, and my heart is filled with joy for you!

  9. I'm glad you found the love again.