Had a good weekend with Kadin we were up in Ocala he had his acting thing he does kinda like a medieval role playing thing. Yall keep asking me about it and I can't really explain it so you have him as a friend on facebook ask him all I know is they react things from along time ago. He has been doing it for years and he loves it as much as he loves his Star Wars thing and I like watching him do it kinda turns me on hehe. Besides that's what couples are suppose to do is support each other he supports me and my crazy nascar world. Lord knows I drive him crazy with that drag him all over the place to watch a race. I'm thinking about maybe Kentucky to catch the race this is there first time there well the sprint cars that is and there going to be running with fuel injectors for the first time. So yeah thinking about getting a room and flying up there to check it out. I know Kadin has some Star Wars convention coming up I think next month I will be there with him for that!Facebook is being a bitch again as most of you know someone on my friend list report some of my pics to them and at first they sent me an email and a warning on the pics in question. I don't understand it cause I cover the cock with a black censor box but yet it was nasty and to facebook was nudity even though no male parts were showing. I was warn and said I could upload pics for 7 days and cause I have seen worse on facebook I got pissed I did write them back and told them how I felt and that there was worse on other pages and I felt I was being targeted. They finally wrote me back and said they lifted the ban but some of my posting were questionable I say its there way of covering there ass. Whatever as I said in one post whoever reported me fuck you and fuck you too facebook. Delete me I really don't care cause everytime you do I will come back I can get new emails and start another page most of my true friends will follow and find me so you think cause your a big company you scare me well guess what you don't so delete me big brother and I'll come back bigger and stronger each time.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad to hear you both had a super weekend!! I love both Nascar and Star Wars so you've got quite a bit to choose from for fun.......
    About Facebook, I cancelled my page and had it deleted due ot a number of stupid issues I was having with them. One day half the friends list would disappear.Then mysteriously it is back again and all photo's were gone! That and a few nut cases on there always causing trouble for everyone they can!!! SICKENING to say the least..So now I only follow your blog buddy!! MARCH ON !!!!!!!!

    P.S. I sent you an private e-mail to show you my new adopted puppy from the Ft Lauderdale Humane Society. Never got a response so I hope you got it.Now my " kids" (4) are complete for a while................................Jon Winship

  2. Ryan Says:

    hey jon try ryryst87@aol.com

  3. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Ryan...sweetheart...baby...dude! You have 736 FB "friends" (or so- who's counting?). Are you under some delusion that all 736 of them actually like you? Feh. My family are all on my friends list, and some of THEM don't even like me. Seriously.

    Ryan, you are one of those larger-than-life people, mainly because you are so "out there." You are much more of a personality than...oh...me, say. As you go through life, there will be no shortage of people who want to tear you down. It's sad but true. All you can do is ignore them and go on. And remember, you can't fight hate with hate.

    We all know that Facebook has rules that they enforce unevenly. We do sometimes see nudity and raunchy stuff on people's pages, but I have a feeling that it eventually gets deleted. When you push the limits (as you do), you have to expect certain consequences. If someone complains about a photo, you're right, FB has to do something. On the other hand, it is an adult site (children under 18 are not allowed to sign up, and I read somewhere that FB deletes something like 20,000 accounts per day...yes, PER DAY - mostly underage kids). So there is bit of a double-standard. Why can't adults look at nude photos?

    In the end it's all just silly internet stuff. Don't get too worked-up over it. Just be who you are in your real life. That's good enough for us. Your true friends and family care about and appreciate you just like that. Don't ever change ;)

  4. ryan field Says:

    I once had a weird experience with a guy from Ocala on facebook. He accused me of being someone else and started stalking me with e-mails because I blocked his political status updates. Very strange. He thought I was a realtor, not a writer...lol. I actually had to prove to him I wasn't a realtor and that I am really who I am. Took almost a week. We ended the whole thing okay, but it's still creepy when I think about it.

  5. Uncle Gerry Says:

    I just love it when you get "pissy"

  6. jaygeemmm Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend...glad you'll had fun! Come on up to Richmond if you want to go to NASCAR!

    BTW, I know you like posting "nearly nude" stuff on FB, but please remember, too, that some of us like to check our FB pages at work, and even if your pics are legal, and not nude, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're appropriate for workplaces. I had to block that one with blue briefs, as it came popping up unexpectedly...Not busting your chops, Ryan, just suggesting. You know I love your pictures! And of course, you, too!
    Peace <3

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Speaking of NASCAR...Yeah Matt! The old guy still got it!
    I'm not on this Face books or tweeters you youngins speak about. Ryry, you don't need them just stick with Blogging. Oh, don't send me those nasty pictures cause they make me do bad things to my penis. LOL Ted