Jesus Knows Who I Am

We had a great weekend for the most part spent Saturday out at the beach. We stayed way to long Kadin got a little burn from it but I rubbed him down later made him feel real good. Read into that what you want haha. Came home from the beach me and Kadin piled up on the sofa to watch the race Reed started 13th came in 8th I know he will win one this year I just feel it!

Ok the fat church lady at walmart first off yall know I don't make fun people at all. But when they earn it I will use it and as far as I'm concern she earn it. Yall know how I hate walmart anyway being Easter Sunday not much open in my part of Florida expect walmart and kmart maybe the piggly wiggly anyway Kadin pick walmart so off we went. We just needed the basic house supplies I was walking back to the cart and ask Kadin "Babe do we need paper towels?"

So this fat lady in her Sunday going to Easter dress that was screaming help me look at me and Kadin and said "you fags make me sick shame on you for being out on this holy day" Of course I was floored at first and then thinking well this anit the first time something like this is happen. But before I could give a comeback Kadin spoke and said sorry that we bother you on a holy day but when Jesus calls us all home I sure don't want to be standing next to you and for you info I was made in the image of the good lord and from what I was told he doesn't make mistakes but you abuse your body and hide behind your hate with the bible so tell me who is going to hell?

Of course I've talk about religion before on this blog and my feelings about it might as well say it again haha. I want to make it clear I do believe in God I just don't believe like these so called Christians believe. They use religion and the bible to stand behind to make it ok to hate and thinking its not hate cause the bible says or there preacher said. Well to me its bullshit anyway you look at it.

I think a lot of the hate going on in this world and has been going on since the start of time is fighting over religion and who's is right and who's is wrong. The bible has been copped up and redid over the years I bet if Jesus looked at it he would shake his head in disbelief. The American bible is a joke if you ask me and it was translate to suit whoever and books takin out of it and if you ask a preacher about he freaks out. Hell ask a preacher about Adam and Eve and Lilith the first women in the garden watch the look on there face.

Anyone I'm not gonna get into a long post about religion I want people to believe in what they want to believe in just stop using it to make it ok to hate. I also believe like Kadin and I am made in the image of the Lord and he don't make mistakes. I also believe gay people are God's chosen people cause he needed some people to carry a little extra and he knew we could handle it. I also think all these church's should be taxes like a business cause that's all they are!

Your thoughts?
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Makes sure you check out my post on the Struggle of Easter on my site. And it's a damned good thing that I wasn't with you at Wal Mart (why, my dear boy, were you at Wal Mart anyway???). We could have had a big old smack down. My mouth just can't quit when it gets in gear.

  2. john Says:

    Ryan, reading your blog posts is always a pleasure, though it's painful to hear there are still these silly people who preach love and equality and then act in the opposite way. You are right God made no mistakes and gay people have the same right to love and live a life like everyone. I think I can understand the situation you've experienced since it's a daily situation in Italy. Homophobia is widespread here. If only people could stop and think and look into other people's eyes before insulting, they might see we're all the same. Love, Gian

  3. Doug Says:

    I am sure glad that more and more preachers are actually following what Jesus said. No judging other people, and love one another. If I was there I would have given her the exact Bible verses so she could go home and read them.

    It is good for you to say something Lilith. Not too many Christians bother to read the other books that were not included in the Bible.

    Nobody know why God does do certain things. Maybe he has a special plan for gay and bisexual people.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, what was the fat bitch's response? I'd sure like to know, and I'm sure others would to.
    I'm off to Europe tomorrow, but will be following you on the Internet.....
    AZ Denny

  5. I'm just glad that you know who Lilith is ;) I don't know if we ever really talked religion, but I left "the church" a long time ago. I honestly believe that God, Allah, Buddah, whatever you want to call that higher power doesn't care how you come to long as you do.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Most religions are a disgrace and these churches should be taxed. In the US we are suppose to separate church and state. But the polical leaders are always trying to use the Bible as an excuse to deny basic rights and the churches spend billions of tax free funds supporting these deniers.

  7. jaygeemmm Says:

    It's good Kadin kept his head and gave her a near-perfect retort. What was her response to him? I hope she stomped off fuming.

    I agree with your view of God. I'm a bit less participatory than I used to be, but my beliefs are as strong as ever.

    Peace <3

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If you read the bible, right after where it supposedly says being gay is a sin, it says eating shellfish is a sin too and if a man sleeps in the same bed A's his wife while she's on her period that is a sin as well. All of these are old testament levitical laws. People like to pick and choose parts of the bible to satisfy their belief. And I was taught sin is sin and none are greater than the others sooo with that being said. Eating a big seafood platter of shrimp, crab, and lobster is just a much of a sin A's sucking a nice tasty dick!!! I'm not exactly sure where but all of the old old testament laws are in the book of Leviticus. My guess is the fat bitch in wallmart has no problem eating shellfish but loves to preach hate on homosexuality. Shame on her
    Ryan, you and Kadin are awesom. I think the world of you two, and I know y'all are way better people than she is

    Chris Havens

  9. naturgesetz Says:

    Well, I've already told you what I believe: God loves everybody (even the fat woman at Walmart), and he wants us all to be his children.

    I haven't said much about the Bible, but I'll say a couple of things here. I think what's in the Bible is there because God wanted it t be there, and what didn't get into the Bible isn't part of the Bible because God didn't want it there. In other words, I wouldn't take something that isn't in the Bible and use it to contradict what is in the Bible.

    Now this doesn't mean that I take everything in the Bible literally. I think the Catholic Church gets it right when they say that the Bible truthfully teaches what God wanted to reveal for the sake of our salvation. So there doesn't ave to have been just six days for the world to come to be the way it is now. There doesn't have to have been a tree and a talking serpent. But when it says God made us, and we sinned right from the start, and God sent Jesus to live, die, and rise for us, so we could be his children forever, it's telling us the truth.

  10. elise Says:

    Go Kadin!
    Obviously,the woman in Walmart had it backwards. SHE was the one being disrespectful on a Holy Day.

    I, too, get very upset when people claim God, their religion, the Bible, etc. justify their hateful beliefs and actions, and somehow authorize homophobia, racism, hate crimes, deprivation of civil rights, and war.

  11. Chuck Says:

    I just find it hard to get mad at people like that, more and more. It's so sad that they feel they have to inject themselves into your life. As I've been telling my friends in Indiana, where they're trying to amend the constitution to disallow marriage for same-sex couples, it's a shame those people can't trust Jesus to judge the righteous. I'm happy to live my life in the best way I can and let Him sort it out when I go to meet my maker. It's sad the supposedly-religious among us don't have that same sense of comfort.

  12. ryan field Says:

    Sorry you had to hear this.

    And I the churches. It's only fair.