Weekend Update

Had a pretty good weekend went to the Gaga concert Saturday night it was ok. Let me explain why I'm not jumping up and down and screaming like a little girl over this. I like some of Gaga music but I'm really not a fan of hers. I went cause Kadin likes here and I went for him more than anything. I know I'll lose my gay card or something for not being a big fan of hers but oh well just not my favorite.

After the show we talked about hitting a couple clubs on the way home but all we did was talked about it until we drove pass them all. I guess neither of us was in the club mood so went home. I'm finding out the older I get and the more time I spend with Kadin the less I want to go out to the clubs. When I first left Peachtree City man I couldn't get enough of them but now its like whatever.

Tyler has a dance this coming weekend I'm a little excited about that can't wait to go out and get him a tux. He will be so cute in it I can't wait. Beside gives us practice for prom night next month oh my freakin god I sound just like a real dad wtf? Oh well I'm going to enjoyed it cause this is our chance to be parents. Kadin was asking him last night who he was taking he said he hasn't decided yet he said he would tell us Wednesday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute I swear.

Let's see all I did yesterday was all yeah nothing really haha no I did do laundry all day it seem like. Kadin clean the house and I had Tyler clean the pool area until his buddies showed up and they started playing around the pool area and that was the end of that they had it all mess up and water everywhere in less than 10 minutes I think. But hey that's what there suppose to do.
4 Responses
  1. Doug Says:

    it is good that you went with Kadin to the concert. The older you get, and more mature, the less you need to go to the night clubs. Pretty soon you will wonder why you ever did go.

    Sure sounds like you are trying to be a parent. But that is natural. Your little brother is still growing up and you want to protect him. It just shows how much you love him. Sometimes you just have to make him do his work, even if it means embarrassing him in front of his friends.

    I am glad Tyler is going to the Prom.

  2. jaygeemmm Says:

    Awesome on all counts, Ryan!

    The concert (I'd go just to see her at least once), and skipping the clubs (I really prefer drinking at home - cheaper, and safer - and I'm not much of a dancer), and KUDOS to Tyler! (What kind of dance is it this close to the prom that he needs a TUX for?)

    Peace <3

  3. ryan field Says:

    Nice Post :)

    Here's a link I found about how facebook is doing what they do to you to other people, too. check it out. It's interesting because it's about two guys who are just kissing.


  4. Sorry to Kadin but gaga makes me gag-gag. I don't like her either.