Bad Day? Think About It!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love animals dogs are my favorite but I love all animals. Everyone also knows I work in a shelter and I do some work for Humane Society, Peta, SPCA, Defenders of Wildlife and Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium when it comes to helping animals in need they know I am right there.I just wanted anyone who reads my blog to think about something today. Everybody has bad days from time to time hell I had one yesterday myself. I lost a good friend cause we couldn't see eye to eye and then I felt he went behind my back and did something wrong just out of spite. Friendships are a give and take I know that but ours has been push to the limits many times this time I don't see a repair.So what I want you to think about even though I'm upset over the events that happen yesterday I still have it pretty good. Walk into a shelter and look at the dogs and cats in there that all they want is a forever home and somebody to love them. They are happy to see people and just want one chance. So anytime your having a bad day think about this there is an animal in the shelter that has it a little rougher than you.I ask if you can help any of theses wonderful places please do and I thank you. If you would feel better helping someplace close to you that would be awesome also! Just remember they have it rough also there homeless. Nothing makes you feel better when your having a bad day and you come home walk through that door and there is a dog wagging his tail cause he is happy to see you and will always be happy to see you!
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    I think about this often, Ryan. Mason is always always always crazy to see me when I come in the door. No matter what. And he needs me for 100% of everything in his life. It is a very good reminder to keep my emotions in check. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. ryan field Says:

    The Bucks County, PA SPCA is literally two miles up the road from my house. I love to go there.

    Nice Post!!

    (Sorry you had friend troubles...)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Shelter dogs make GREAT pets! My last dog and my current dog both came from shelters and they have been near-perfect pets. If anyone is thinking about getting a dog, forget pet stores and breeders - you just pay a huge amount of money for a piece of paper, and quite frankly, possibly not that good of a pet. Shelter dogs may require a little patience, but oh my, do they turn out great! An older dog may well come housebroken, and already partially trained. Puppies are imminently trainable (crate train them, they almost housebreak themselves!). Oh, and it's cheaper to adopt from a shelter. OMG! I saw a friend's FB post, they were going to pay $1800 for some little mop dog with "papers". You can get one from a shelter that is just as cute and cuddly for $50-60, and that usually includes the initial vet checkup and spaying or neutering. What a bargain!

    Whew, hope the commercial helps, Ryan!

    Peace <3

  4. FOGGY Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    ..........I'm actually from Scappoose, not Gladstone (???). Heck, that's on the other side of the River, well south of Portland.

    I live on a boat, so having a pet would be rather confining for the both of us. I'm also crazy allergic to cats. My eyes itch. My face turns into a raspberry. My lungs tighten up and I can't breathe. If dogs lick me - which they ALWAYS do - I break out in a rash. And if I touch my eye after petting one, it itches like crazy and turns red.

    Birds are OK. So are rabbits, except they like to make whoopee on my arm. The first time it happened, the poor little feller grabbed it in a bear hug, and started shivering. I thought he was cold.....

    "BZ".........."FOGGY" (aka Ray)

    P.S. : .... oh, yeah; and bee stings can kill me.

  5. Jeanna Says:

    Such a beautiful post and I'm so glad I randomly landed here. We adopted a 5 yr old cat from a shelter 2 days ago and are just loving him. We haven't named him yet as we cannot agree on Jax or Jasper. He's adorable and I'm hoping will fit in with my whole crew.