Some Hate

Yesterday post I thought was pretty good it promoted something that I love nudity. I'm ask where will you be doing your next nude event? I try something that I can meet people where they will feel comfortable as I will. Normally like a nudist beach or camp is the places I picked so everyone who wants to be naked can. Most of my nudity normally involves raising money for the animals so I can't really met up with people so I thought the bike ride was a good idea I could meet some people and get to be naked and ride for a good cause. I pick Lexington Kentucky cause I've been there a few times and I like the city.Today hate showed it's ugly head again I open up and email from someone in the Lexington Bike Ride Group Page on Facebook and it said please don't come we don't want a bunch of queers in our bike ride. So I sent an email to my back up city Philly to see what there feelings were and if they would like some queers in there ride soon as I hear back I'll let you know. I took all the links done to this event until I hear and I remove myself from the Lexington group just so ya'll know if you join that group also please leave it don't stay and promote there hate thanks!
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Are you sure it was really from someone in the group? COuld it have been an impostor?

  2. Ok ya know what? That's just lame of them. Fuck them! If they don't want someone helping them to raise money then they can just go to hell. What a bunch of assholes! I'm sorry that happened to you Ryan. They don't know a good person when they hear from one!

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    And even if it was somebody from the group, that does mean he's speaking on behalf of the group. I think it's very unlikely that any WNBR group would want to exclude gay people. Perhaps you should ask the leaders if that hate e-mail is their official policy. If it isn't, maybe they want to kick out the hatemonger.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think I'd send a nice letter to the editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader ( and let them know that one of the city's groups doesn't need help raising money, so maybe they might not want to provide them with ought to get a story out of them about why they turn down a certain group of people!

    And if you want someplace to stay on the to or back from Philly, let me know! I'm in central VA!

    Peace <3

  5. Always have probs when I have to see you met hate.

  6. Tony Says:

    those people aren't worth your time they need to just suck it up and let people like us live our life. You are going there for a good cause too. I say just go anyway it isn't like he can stop you. A you know we all support you no matter what. We love ya Ryan. ;)