World Naked Bike Ride

Every year I try to find something to do that involves pubic nudity you know a group of people doing something in the nude for a good cause. Normally mine involves animals same way. No get your sick mind out of the gutter. When I say animals I mean me getting naked to raise money or awareness to help animals and I'm sure before this year is over I'll be getting naked for that cause.This year I wanted to do something different like maybe going hiking or jogging with a group of people naked and then I found it something I did when I was like 16 and haven't done since. World naked bike ride they do it for different causes this year its to protest against oil dependency I was checking there website and decided I want to do this and the one in Lexington Kentucky sounds like the place I want go to this year.So I found some websites and facebook fan pages its in August the last Saturday of the month. If for some reason Lexington don't have there ride I'm thinking about Philadelphia as my back up city on Sept 4 I'll keep you updated. So any of you think you might do this? Any of you do anything naked in public before?
3 Responses
  1. Eric Says:

    Sounds interesting Ryan. I have streaked (in 1974...look it up if you don't know what it is) before but never done this. Seems like young guys' things but have fun.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    No, I've never been naked in public, and I guess I'll never be part of a WNBR, but I wish I could.

    The pictures look way cool, the riders in the WNBR and the guy who is just going solo. Being naked just feels so good, and outdoors is even better. With a group must be fantastic.

  3. jaygeemmm Says:

    definitely sounds like fun!
    Peace <3