Is is Love I don't think so!

Sorry haven't been on here in a while to be honest I needed a break from it. Sometimes you just need to walk away from blogging for a little bit so you can come back and be happy to blog agian. So if I stop blogging for a week or two don't worry just taking a break from it. So now I'm back and ready to talk about some things going on in my life.

Friday I spent most of the day getting a friend out of jail. I know right should left his ass in there but I'm not that way. I didn't realize how hard it was getting someone out of jail I mean it took all day long to get his ass out. Ok I know your wondering what he did without giving too much away he got into with this girl he was dating and she slap him and when she went to slap him again he blocked it and hit her hand and he said that his and her hand went back toward her face and hit her lip and bam right in the kisses.

I'm not saying who's right or who's wrong I don't believe in people hitting each other and if you loved someone how could you or why would you want to hit them. Saying that I also believe in being equal right across the board. This is where some of you will get pissed at me but if a women comes up to me and is running her mouth like a man and then reaches out and strikes me them yes I will strike back.

Way I see it if she wants to act like a man and hit me she better be ready to take it like a man cause I'm hitting the bitch back. It's just like plain and simple and if it makes me a bad person than I'm a bad person equal rights remember! Like I said I'm not saying my friend is right or wrong I wasn't there when it went down all I know is he went to jail and she didn't.

Anyway I did the friend thing and got him out. Now he has to spend lots of money to clear this all up and hope and pray he don't lose his job over it.


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  1. ryan field Says:

    You did a good thing. And this reminds me of something that happened to my nephew recently. He wrestles in school, and he had to wrestle a girl last week for the first time. He wasn't sure what to do. I just told him to treat her like he'd treat a guy. If she wants to wrestle, she'd better be prepared to take it like a man.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Ryan Field — right you are. I've seen a story about a guy who refused to wrestle a girl, and IMO that's okay. I'd even say it's what someone should do if he can't wrestle her the same way he'd wrestle a guy. But if you're going to wrestle someone in an organized sport, you should treat your opponents alike and do your best to win.

    Ryan Stratton — I'm not sure I agree with you completely, but certainly I agree that a man has a right to defend himself physically from a physical assault from a woman. And the original assailant is the one who should be put in jail, not the one who's defending himself.

  3. I always believe that one person must be "super" angry to ever raise a hand. i also don't believe that physically assaulting anyone could solve anything. Anyway under any circumstances, i think a girl should be treated just as equal. I won't hesitate too.

  4. Oh! and i wish all the best to your friend too.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    First of all, your good nature comes through again. Helping a friend in need is the highest form of friendship, in my mind.

    As to the assault. I don't have but part of a story, but in some jurisdictions, the one with no visible injuries goes to jail. In others, both parties go to jail and the judge sorts it out. It sounds like both should have either gone to jail or been separated and told to stay apart until cooler heads prevailed.

    Peace <3

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Male or female if they choose the role of adversary to me, then they will first face the challenge of wits. If common sense collapses to fists, then woe to a male but forgiveness to a female. I am a bit old fashioned in recognizing, that I am stronger and more volitile than most females, so the lady might win this argument/fight, but I will retain my chivalrous aptitude, and she will never see me again or deserve my respect ever.

  7. Obviously you're a true friend :)