No More Lables

Yesterday on facebook I posted this..........

Doing so I upset 2 people one voice his concern thru a comment the other thru an email. I want to make it crystal clear that I never meant any harm in anyway to anyone. First off I may be gay but thanks to my brother Tyler for helping me understand that people don't come with labels on them or warning signs.

So when I upset theses guys with the sign that says retards I'm not talking about a special group of people I'm talk about all people me included cause lord knows I've done some retarded things. I don't look at the Special Olympics as being retards that's bullshit that it was even brought up with this joke. I wasn't even thinking about them or anybody when I posted it I was thinking about myself.

If everyone must know what happen is I was coming back in from walking the dogs and come thru the cage pool area and was looking at something not watching where I was walking and fell into the pool. I thought damn I'm a retard. So I wasn't meaning it toward anyone and I'm a little pissed that anyone would think I would pick on a group of people in the first place.

What people need to start doing is STOP putting LABELS on PEOPLE!

Now something to make you smile a pube shot lol
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    What happens unfortunately is that a word is simply clinical and factual, like retarded or retard. Then people decide that it is insulting and offensive, and it becomes politically incorrect, and we have to use something that's supposed to be inoffensive, like "developmentally challenged," to try to sugarcoat the reality. Of course it doesn't help when people start using "retard" as a general insult.

    I know you always mean well.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Oh and that last picture as well...




  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, I'm sure you meant no harm by posting that picture. But I had people writing on my wall and sending me emails wanting to know how to get you to take it down because they found it offensive. We live in a PC world bud, and using language that people find offensive (whether they should be offended or not) is something that most people avoid. Perhaps you were unaware that the word was offensive. But people feel bullied when they hear language used by others that insults them. You've been bullied so I know you know how it feels. Sometimes jokes are appropriate in a closed forum such as your blog (though not much more so), but a more public place like Facebook where hundreds of people may be exposed to it only because they are someone else's friend means that you need to be careful of your posts, no matter the intent...remember, no one can read your intent in a FB post. I note that even your mother suggests removing it from here. But I reiterate it's like all the people who use "gay" to mean might roll off our adult backs, but think of the kids it hurts every day...all I'm asking is that you be careful and be sure your cool posts won't inadvertently hurt

  4. Eric in MD Says:

    No leave the pic up Ryan. LOL. I know you are a good and kind person. We all have a bit of a naughty side, but what matters is where a person's heart is. I think that you, like me, feels true empathy for others less fortunate and for animals. Hugz!

  5. I agree that some folks might find it offensive, and that's their right. The thing is, it's become part of the slang (like saying something is "gay") of the culture.

    I'm all for being PC, but sometimes I think it's going a bit too far lately. Obviously you didn't mean people that are mental handicapped, or special needs (I'm not sure what the actually proper PC term is anymore to tell the truth) with the picture. Hell, if I thought you had, I would have said something. People are sensitive to a lot of words, and just like I need to realize this, that aren't about them.

    Now this may be unpopular, but sometimes I think we need to grow a bit of a thicker skin. I was the fat kid in school and was picked on and wound up just taking it because I didn't know what to do. In the long run, I wound up using what they would say about me (more specifically my mother) right back at them and they didn't know how to deal with it. Sure, it hurts to be called names, but they are just words and we need to build up in ourselves that sense of dignity to not let them hurt us anymore. This includes being called a faggot, fag, homo etc. Personally, I try to just say "whatever" and walk away. Let them show their own ignorance.

  6. Forgot to say that it is also in the inflection and sense that the word is used. You can call your friend a fag and have a laugh with them, but the people that use is with hatred behind it....yeah, different matter.

    And I agree with you Jay. Children don't understand this yet and can be hurt by these things. The sad problem is, someone will almost always be hurt by something we either do or say (especially if they take what they read or hear in the wrong context). I'm not sure how to change this issue, but my opinion is that we can't keep everyone safe/happy all the time. (and yes I wish we could be there will always be someone out there that uses a word that hurts someone else)

  7. FOGGY Says:

    Never knew you had a Facebook page.
    You should take a look at my last Facebook post.....a lament of self-deprecation, along with an equally nauseous nasty name-calling barrage for those of the "opposition".
    In politics, there is nothing that is politically incorrect. Waiting for some terse replies from the "opposition", the only one I got was from a Facebook friend on the "opposition". It soon turned into some short blurbs on our "common ground" - - - - old airplanes.

    Some of what we say or do is based on "expectations". And I would wager that about half the time, we wind up with something totally unexpected - such as the remarks on my lament, and the remarks on your sand owls photo. The "head scratching" begins, followed by the feedback; and from that, an understanding evolves and is communicated.

    Communication and an open mind are the two elements that can bring a successful resolution to any issue. You have done this here with a grace and honesty that is rarely seen.

    Very Respectfully,
    ....................Ray ("FOGGY")..

    P.S. : Since my page is closed to "lookee looze" (I wonder if that's politically incorrect??), I sent you a "friend request", in case you're interested. - FOGGY...

  8. surakmn Says:

    Hey Ryan, I cringed when I saw the poster - not because it's not worth a chuckle (it is) but because you didn't need psychic powers to foresee the shit storm headed your way courtesy of the humor impaired.

    Don't take it personally. Some people, especially if they are closely involved caring for someone (could be development issues, cancer, mental illness, etc.)...some days are easier than others and the bad days can be exhausting and they will snap at something that at other times wouldn't bug them.

    And some people are just self absorbed and humorless, and you can ignore them complete. :)

    Great to hear from you again.

  9. jimm Says:

    It's kinda sad. I'm tired. Pubes are nice, tho.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously...I don't like people
    seeing pictures of you like that...
    i don't even like the one that you
    have in the side bar! even though
    it is covered by that writing it
    isn't something a mom wants to worry my hair grey
    baby boy!

    Love you!