Monday from Hell Part 1

Sorry the post have been slow and few just lots going on and I don't have time to stop and post like I want too. So Monday was a shit day for me the morning started out hard trying to get Tyler up to start his new summer job. Then I get to work and I was stuck in meetings most of the day trying to get people to donate money for the animals in this economy. Then finding out one of our big backers is backing out at the end of the year I thought could this day get any worse the answer is yes it could!Get a phone call from the county that there is a wild animal that is killing people's pets in this neighborhood. Said they have it trapped in this yard they think they said it was a coyote oh this great. So I call the guy I normally use to catch wild animals but he was tied up and couldn't make it for about 2 to 3 hours. So even though I didn't want to I headed out to see what I could do. Sure enough I got there and there is a coyote trapped in this lady's yard that's has a 15ft high wood fence.

This coyote has already killed 3 family dogs and it look really wild I knew sitting a trap wasn't going to work besides who going to go in there and set the trap without this coyote going off on them. Yeah not me that's for damn sure I love animals but getting bite and scratched by a wild coyote is not on the top of my list. There is only one option left and one I knew I had to do but so hate it more than anything in this world and that was to shoot it.See down here in Florida if a wild animal attacks a pet or person they have to be put down. I don't agree with this law but it is what it is. Don't matter if it's a coyote or a gator or a wild boar if it attacks it has to be put down. I could have ask the police to take it down but I know how they are sometimes and how they want to be like Wyatt Earp and I knew cause my dad taught me I could take it down with one shot and no pain other than the pain in my heart for having to do this.

So I'm not going into details about it I did what I had to do and it broke my heart and when I got back to work all I could do was go into the bathroom and cry. The girls at work knew I was heartbroken but I know the people that lost there family dog to this coyote was heartbroken also. I told them to come down to the shelter and look at the dogs we have and if they see one I would wave the charges. So far one lady came down and found one she fell in love with and he went home with her.

So yeah you would think that would be enough for a Monday but it wasn't tomorrow part 2 of my shitty Monday the car wreck me and Kadin was in on the way home from the Piggly Wiggly.Later!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some Mondays are never good...
    I'm just glad that you are alright
    and that things can only get better
    from here...



  2. T.j Says:

    Dang!! Ryan I Hope You And Kadin Is Alright You Must Still Be Thinking About All What Happened...Things Can Only Get Better From Now On

  3. Carl Says:

    Thank goodness for German Engineering. The car looks like it did its job and save the occupants.

    My last BMW saved me.

  4. Jacob Woods Says:

    In Minnesota there are protection laws for the most part. There are some scenarios that it is legal to kill coyotes and wolves but in most circumstances you can't. Even if it is getting into your cows and such.

    My family has a tendency to kill them just because they don't understand animal protection at all. If they see one, they will kill it. Coyote or wolf. It use to bug me until I found out that if you kill the alpha male, which tends to happen, the pack splits and ends up making more kin anyways. There is rivalry within the pack that splits them and makes them compete. It also makes them have more young lol!

  5. Jay M. Says:

    Ryan, it would have broken my heart to have to put down an animal like that, too, but the reality is that we humans have encroached on the wild animals' turf so badly that many interactions with now are going to turn out badly. At least you made sure he didn't suffer.

    On the bright side, at least one dog now has a forever home. Maybe the others will show up, too, to adopt.

    Peace <3

  6. naturgesetz Says:

    Sorry to hear the day went so badly, but you did what you had to; and I'm sure you realize that if the coyote had been allowed to live, it just would have killed more dogs. So you can at least take pride in knowing that you did what had to be done.

  7. Jesus, what a terrible day, I'm glad you wasn't injured on the surface, the rest is tough enough!

  8. Jay M. Says:

    @Jacob Woods:
    If you have coyote problems, get a couple of llamas to put in your fields. They will protect the other livestock because they hate coyotes and will chase them off, kick them, bite them, and probably the worst, drool on them until they leave. Farmers in Virginia use them to protect their sheep, and the losses went way down after they started using them!
    Peace <3