Monday Hell Part 2

Okay part 2 of the Monday from hell Kadin and I just left Piggly Wiggly headed to CVS to pick up some of my meds we were sitting at the red light waiting for the arrow to change when I seen this car coming down the road seem to be all over the place when Kadin said oh shit he's going to hit us!

Bam and he did I braced myself all you could hear is metal and glass bending and breaking. Next came the air bags from the front and from the sides. I felt like I was trapped for a few seconds finally I felt Kadin touch my arm and ask if I was ok and I said yeah I am are you? He said yeah and then he said I love you then I knew I was ok I felt safe again.

We got out of the car and went to check on the driver that hit us there was another guy there already checking on him when I looked into the car it was just a kid a young boy first thing I thought of he's not old enough to be driving but found out he was 16. Also found out what happen he was texting and trying to drive.Man that set Kadin off real bad he started yelling at this kid and telling him he could have kill all of us over something stupid. He kept on and the boy started crying and I told Kadin ok he got the point were ok let it be. The boys parents showed up and when they check on him and then us his dad ask what happen and he said he was answering a text and went over into the other lane and next thing he knew he hit us.

Oh man did his dad go off I felt sorry for the kid he had to listen to Kadin going off on him and now his dad said this is the second time you have done this over a damn phone he said let me see the phone the kid handed it to him he smashed it onto the sidewalk damn iphone busted all up he said no more cell phones! I think he means it too.

Anyway to wrap this up the police came took the report gave the kid a ticket tow trucks came towed both cars away found out later that Kadin's car was totaled and he just paid it off last month so looks like a new car is coming. Kadin wanted me to say in this post that he thinks the car makers and cell phone markers need to work together and come up with something that disables a phone when the car is in drive.

Anyway that was the Monday from hell I'm going to enjoy the weekend it's Pride Weekend here in St Pete Fla if you live in the area hope to see you there. We will be hitting a few places after the parade on Saturday Detours & Georgies to name a few so if you see us come up and say hi!

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  1. T.j. Says:

    the only thing that really is that both of you are alive and the kid driving is alive as well...hope you guys have fun at pride

  2. T.j. Says:


  3. naturgesetz Says:

    I'm glad to know that you and Kadin and the other driver are all okay. As my Dad used to say,"No loss of life or limb." I hope the kid has learned his lesson.

    Kadin has a good idea. Of course, it would also stop passengers from calling while the car is going.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree with Kadins idea. There should be a signal blocker on EVERY vehicle, if the engine is even running no matter what gear it is in, to block the signal anywhere inside the car to any phone. PROBLEM SOLVED . Cell phones and driving are as bad as a DUI....sooner or later you will crash! A car can be replaced, its only materialistic and thats what insurance is for, but a life once taken so stupidly cannot be. NO CALL IS THAT IMPORTANT behind the wheel.. PERIOD!!!! I am sure some will disagree but if your touching the steering wheel, shut off the damn phone....

    Enjoy pride...we just had ours here in Ft Lauderdale last weekeknd.I am just glad everyone is ok................................................Jon Winship

  5. elise Says:

    Thank goodness all 3 of you were unharmed!

    It's also Pride weekend here in Chicago---Happy Pride and Peace and Love to all, especially my precious LGBT friends and all of us fabulous straight folks who support and work for FULL EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!

  6. I'm glad that you're both safe! That's the most important thing.

  7. jimm Says:

    Im sure glad you're both okay. It be interesting if you were to meet the kid again sometime jus to chat.

    Now, im wondering if all the windows were closed when the airbags went off?

    With the windows closed, the sudden increase in air pressure from an expanding airbag can burst your eardrums. Hearing-aids provide some protection as they work as an earplug.

    So, for everybody, it's a good idea to keep one window cracked open just a bit in case the airbags inflate. This will help alleviate the sudden change in air pressure.

    Of course, bleeding eardrums may be the least of your problems in an accident...

  8. Jay Ross Says:

    TG you all were safe. The kid must have been going pretty fast to total your BMW. Or was he driving a tank! Have fun this weekend.

  9. Martin Says:

    Good to know you & Kadin & everyone was OK. One thing can be said about your life, Ryan, and that is that there's never a lack of excitement in it, either good or bad. :)

    I love tech toys & gadgets, but don't understand the obsession people have with cell phones/texting. Seems like many people have this need to be constantly talking or texting. Maybe we should go back to the old black rotary dial phones that existed when I was a kid. People had a home phone, and if you were out when someone called, they would just have to call back later. And very few people would use a payphone to call someone just to make the idle chatter that many people do on their cell phones.

  10. ryan field Says:

    Sorry you had such a bad week. Glad ur safe.

    Have fun at Pride!!

  11. FOGGY Says:

    I drove tanker trucks for over 20 years, and can tell you from experience that driving is one big "crap shoot".

    I've seen more than my fair share of bad drivers in "near miss" situations. This angers me because it re-enforces those bad driving habits as "OK". Then the "day of reckoning" arrives and the driver learns from experience, usually at the expen$e of a "pigeon-holed" innocent victim. Kadin's "pigeon hole" was that red light - no escape.

    I'm curious, though - just how far over into your lane was this kid??? The front-end damage is on the passenger side, and it looks like the wheel absorbed most of the impact.

    In either case, you and Kadin enjoy this weekend. After "Monday", you both deserve it.

    "BZ"......... "FOGGY"..............

  12. Jay M. Says:

    I'm a bit behind...I am GLAD you two are OK, and the kid is, too.

    Sounds like his dad is going to take care of the texting and driving issue...second time? Kid seems a bit dense.

    Be careful about disabling cell phones when in a car. How do I call 911 when I see an accident or drink driver? How do you call for help when you need it? Education is the answer, and restricted licenses for teens that prohibit cell phone use and driving until over 21 or something.

    New car...that's great except a new car payment to go with it. Ugh.

    Have fun at Pride!
    Peace <3