To Blog or Not to Blog

I was going to stop blogging and facebooking just walk away. Many reason on why I was doing this and I will speak about a few of them. First was a threat I got now in my time of blogging over the years I have gotten many threats and I didn't care I got use to them. But this threat was a little more than someone trying to be funny or scare me.

This person went into details on things and pointed out places that only me or my family would know so it kinda freak me out and I don't mind if someone threatens me but leave my family out of it. I turn everything over to the proper authorities and that's all I can speak of it for now.

The other reason I was going to stop blogging is I feel I don't have as much time to put into it like I did before I mean hell I been writing since I was 16 years old I thought everyone was getting tired of what I had to say. To me seem like the post were lacking something and I couldn't figure out what and then I did. They were missing the teenage drama I was like wow I finally did grow up didn't I?

I got some emails asking me whats going on what does the blog post mean goodbye? There were two that touched me. One from a kid named Riley he said he was 15 and found my blog and has been reading it. Said he hasn't comment cause he was a little scared said he is still in the closet but my blog gave him hope.

Another guy name Chris ask me to keep blogging that I gave him hope. Said cause of my blog he came out to his parents and after the shock wore off his parents have welcome him with open arms and he just brought home a guy for the first time to meet his parents. He didn't give me and age so I'm thinking he may be 18 to 20 maybe.

After talking with many people about the blog and getting some great advice I decided to keep blogging. I got some great advice from a friend I have know for about 7 years now and I trust him totally and I don't know if he knows this or not so I wanted to say it in a post. Ryan Field thank you for your support over the years thanks for all the advice and more than anything thank you for your friendship!

So I will keep blogging just mat be a little different than what your use to. There may be many post a week maybe one or might not be any. I just going to take a different approach so I don't get burn out on it and still keep it fresh. Also I will take question best to email them to me and from time to time I will pick a few and answer them in a post. The questions can be about anything past post or whats going in the world I'm open to most anything.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Somebody who threatens you like that must have a very twisted mind. I hope you'll all be safe.

    It's natural that your blog will change as your life changes. Just keep being yourself. Growing up is a great thing to do, and it's nice to see some of the ways you've been doing that in your recent posts.

  2. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan, you and I talked about this not long after it happened, you seemed to have trusted me enough to tell me about it and I appreciate that.
    I'm glad you have decided to continue writing about your life and I'm also glad that you have helped some others by being who you are, a very open and honest person.
    I'm not gonna say more because you already know how I feel about all of it. As Ryan Field was and is to you, you are the same to me. Thanks for being a friend.

  3. P Says:

    I get the occasional negative comments generally from the God squad which makes me wonder why they visit my blog in the first place.

    Tbh I haven't read much of your blog but unless you have left details whereby you can be traced I would imagine the threats have come from somebody who knows you well.

    I have seen it with other young bloggers who have been careless to conceal locations or change identities where family or peers have become aware of their blogs which have then died a death most notably Josh - Always Hard and Dave the Rave.

    If you feel secure in your home life I would ignore the threats as coming from some homophobic low-life with nothing better to do than upset others.

    Your point about age is accurate in some ways. A lot of older people read the blogs of gay teenagers to get their 'jollies' and are generally creeps but some older folks are genuine and either relate to their own teenage years or wonder what might have been if they had gone down a different path.

    Blogging is not without hazards and there will always be haters out there. The question is whether you feel you yourself are getting anything from it (for me it has acted as a sort of therapy).

    Weigh up the pro's and con's from a personal view and make your decision based on how you feel not how others are trying to make you feel.

    Good luck

  4. Jay Ross Says:

    Ryan - I think Ryan Field is great. He has produced great reads, but through him I discovered you and look forward to your every blog and facebook post. I'm an old man (75) and look forward to your posts and tell P that not all older get their jollies reading your posts. You can be proud of your contributions to keeping both young and old smiling.

  5. ryan field Says:

    I'm sorry you had to deal with the threats. That's terrible.

    But I'm glad you decided to continue with the blog. I know for a fact how many people love reading your blog. I love reading it myself. I also know how many people were so disappointed when they thought you might not come back.

    I can't wait to see all the new things you're going to come up with in the future :))

  6. T.j. Says:

    I just recently started reading your blog awhile ago and i have to say your posts i can relate to sometimes...i have not read from since the very begining,but i have took the time to fall back on your previous posts(wow that sounded and i recently started chatting like months ago...i miss your pics posted on fb but im sure there is a reason why you have not due to the persons who get offended by them...i enjoy your statuses on fb and i hope to continue reading more of your blogs

  7. P Says:

    @Jay Ross

    You obviously didn't read my comment properly or maybe I touched a nerve and you switched off.

  8. Doug Says:

    You have really great over the years Ryan. I am glad to see that you will be continuing your blog even if you won't be posting very often. I really think it has helped some people. Keep up the good work and remember that God loves you.

  9. Jay M. Says:

    I'm glad you've made this decision. It's a shame some clown tried to run you off with the threats, but I guess we just have to remember, there are those who will always hate, no matter what.

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air to many of us. Your stories, so well told, put smiles on my face, or make me think, or inspire me. And you've been told the effect on others, and it's so positive.

    Thanks for being here, Ryan!

    Peace <3

  10. Jason K Says:

    Really sorry about the threats one should have to put up with that but I'm really glad you decided to keep your blog going. I always enjoy reading your posts & I'm sure a lot of your posts are really relevant to people that read them and have things they can apply to their own lives.