Why is He Naked

With all the crap going on in the world today I thought I would do a post that would make you laugh or at least smile. This is about the first and only time Kadin's mom seen me naked. First let me say that Kadin's parents don't like me much they think I am some kind of wild child and that Kadin could do much better than me and on that I would have to agree Kadin could do better than me but I am happy he picked me.

Ya'll know that I like to be naked I was raised a nudist somewhat so being naked is just natural to me. When me and Kadin started dating I told him that I was a somewhat nudist so before he moved in with me when he would come over I said I might naked so you have to deal with that. Kadin got use to it after a while and finally started being as open as I was about nudity.

Still blows him away a little that I will be naked around my parents and my uncle. Though he has relax on that also course mom didn't give him much choice she said get over it Kadin your penis is not the first I seen you think I'm knocking on doors when I come in your crazy I've raised 2 boys and yours is just another penis. He has got use to it and is more open to being naked in front of others.

So yeah me and Kadin had been living together for about 2 months and like I said I knew his parents didn't care for me that much but I was like these people will like me no matter how much it hurts dammit! We had them over dinner we took them out to dinner did everything to make them see I'm not that bad of a person just a little redneckish from time to time. They acted like they like me but we both knew it was an act.

Then came the day that really made it worse. Kadin said he was going shopping with his mom and would be back later. I'm like ok babe have a good day I'm going to lay out and soak up some sun. Off Kadin went to pick up his mom and off went my underwear and out by the pool I went. A little bit later my uncle comes over and he ask if I had any plans I said no he ask if he could use my car cause he had his towed in to be fixed.

So I gave him the keys and off he went and I went back to tanning my ass lol Well Kadin had to use the bathroom really bad and he wont use a public bathroom so he came back to the house. He told me after what happen after the shock of his mom seeing me naked. He said they came back to the house was going to have his mom wait in the car cause he knew I would be tanning naked and didn't want her seeing and fraeking out.

When pulled up in the driveway my car wasn't there so he thought I was gone so he had his mom come in with him so she didn't have to wait in the car. I was out by the pool so I didn't see or here them come in. I was getting thirsty so I got to something to drink I open the sliding door that leads into the kitchen and bam there was his mom!

I am standing there with an ipod on and nothing else she look at me she look up and look down and then she screamed. I think I even screamed I went back out to get a towel and next thing I knew Kadin was there and I came back in and he was asking his mom what happen she said there is a naked man out there. He said mom that's Ryan she like why is he naked? He said you were naked I was like I was tanning!

So yeah that was the big day Kadin's mom seen me naked and I can say it didn't make thing any better between us now when she comes over she always call's first and ask if we have clothes on. One day when she was here Tyler came out in his underwear and she like freak over that. So we are like white trash to her she has ask Kadin why him? He tells her the same thing over and over cause I love him and I love you too boo!

Have a good Monday!
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  1. Aaron Says:


    Great story. i don't know why some folks get so weirded out by naked bodies. We all have them. We all have pretty much seen everything anyway.

    I just have to say she was lucky I wasn't there naked ... she'd still be screaming to this day!

  2. Mike Russell Says:

    Haha, that's a great story.

    She'll eventually have to accept that Kadin loves your naked ass. :)

  3. mary gresham Says:

    Babe, it might not be that she doesn't like you, it might be the fact that you've takenher son away from her. Randy's mama is the same way, she didn't like me from day one because she knew once I had him, he was no longer under her thumb. She still feels that way 27 years later.

    Oh yeah, you are more than good enough for Kadin, you two are perfect together, I told you before, he's the one you will spend the rest of your life with. You love each other and it doesn't matter if anyone else approves.

    One more thing, you prob scared her to death when she saw you naked with what you're packing ;-)

  4. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan... your last post and this one are really windows into your soul. They show that you are a loving, caring, and playful young man and i think those are part of why Kadin loves you.
    His mom sounds like she is still trying to figure out how to accept him, and now he has brought you into the equation. So much of society today is taught prudish victorian ways of life that seeing another gay guy is shocking enough, but to see him nude freaks them out even more.
    Someday she'll get over herself and learn to accept her son and you as the loving couple you are...wether you have clothes on or not.

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    That's a funny story.

    It's too bad she doesn't want to be around when you're naked, but we just have to be accommodating sometimes.

    Don't put yourself down too much. Also don't try to give yourself a negative stereotype and then live up (or down?) to it. You don't have to think of yourself as cheap or a redneck, and you don't have to be one if you don't want to. Just be who you are and who you want to be. That's who Kadin loves.

  6. great story and as Joe said "don't put yourself down..." :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! That's a riot! But it's good y'all get along, just don't ever lose sight of the fact she raised Kadin for you to "corrupt", and you've both done a fine job!

    Peace <3

  8. Ok I have to giggle at this. Now, mind you, my mom would have done the same thing probably, screamed or freaked out no matter WHO it was naked. I think that there are just some folks that can't deal with naked people.

    I'm sorry that they can't seem to see what an amazing person you are. Some folks can't get past surface stuff, and sometimes it takes them a bit longer to realize they were wrong. You can't like everyone, or what everyone does, but I'm sure they'll come around. Hell, Kadin loves you and THAT has to count for something if they're thinking people at all.

    Now get your clothes off and get to tannin' :D lol!

  9. jimm Says:

    why worry??? you had protection... right???
    j/k j/k

  10. ryan field Says:

    That's a great story. I go to nude beaches all the time and the interesting thing is that after you're naked for about fifteen minutes you don't even realize it.