Fun Weekend & Helping a Friend

Had a really good weekend just wish it would have been longer. Saturday Kadin and I went horseback riding it's been a while for me and I was wanting to do it. We get out there and they were calling for rain all day but so far nothing we decided to go riding anyway. So we picked out the horses we wanted and off we went. Of course we get about half a mile away and the sky opens up we didn't care we just rode in the rain!

We get back home soak and wet take off what clothes we had on in the garage and I couldn't handle myself Kadin look so damn good standing there butt ass naked. So we started making out right there and oh damn it was feeling so good then the garage door open it was Tyler and his friends coming in so yeah there we were on the hood of the truck naked getting it on. Tyler was like damn you have a room his friends were like hot dudes!

Saturday night was going great then we get a phone call from one of Kadin's friends ask if we could come pick him up he was at 7-11 using the pay phone. First thing why is he at 7-11 using a pay phone when he has a cell phone and why anit he driving over here himself. Found out the answers when we pulled up. Him and his boyfriend had been in another fight yes I used the word another.

This time it was a little worse than just words it got physical. Once we got him back to the house and he told his story I wanted him and Kadin did also wanted him to call the police but he wouldn't do it. They been together for a year I guess and it's been rough from the start I told him that nobody has the right to lay a hand on you no matter how mad or how much you think you screw up nobody has the right to hit you.

I told him me and Kadin been into so good fights but they were just words and even thought the words hurt we never raised a hand to each other and never will. I'm not going to go into much details cause its his story not mine to tell. Just know he got out and Kadin is putting him on a plane back home today! But thinking about it and being around it before with a few friend this happens a lot not only with women but with men also and I think gay domestic violence is coming more common.

Look people love is not being hit or beat up by your partner ok, Love is not being scared to talk or to voice your thoughts. Love is not being used just for sex. Nobody has the right to lay a hand on you no matter what and if your boyfriend hits you that's not love ok! There are people that can help you but the smartest thing to do is get out don't stay and keep getting abused ok trust me they say they never will do it again but they do and it gets worse and no matter what they say that's not love!

Here is a couple links if you find yourself needing help!

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Domestic Violence
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  1. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan, ur right, no one has the right to beat on another. I went thru that with me first husband. I was 17 when we married. We had plenty of fights then one day he slapped me. I didn't bother listening to his I'm sorrys, I told him to leave. I might have been young, but I wasn't stupid. It took a year fo my divorce, but during that time, I met the man I'm still with today, after 27 yrs. Yes we fight and I'm talkin screaming matches, but he has never raised a hand to hit me in anger.
    If you are in a situation you cannot control, get out. No, it might not be easy, but you can make it.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    It's tragic that so many victims continue to tolerate domestic violence, to believe promises that it won't happen again even as it continues to get worse. I'm glad Kadin was able to get his friend away from the abuser.

  3. Jay Ross Says:

    Ryan - You and Kadin are remarkable. Nobody deserves to be abused. Between lovers it's worse than being accosted by a thug. One never expects a lover to be so mean. Sometimes verbal abuse is as bad if it persists. Abuse is not love.

  4. Jay M. Says:

    As always, the loving hearts of two great guys help someone who really needed it. It's too bad he wouldn't call the police, but at least he's out of the situation, and with luck, he's learned the signs of an abuser and avoid relationships like that in the future.

    Peace <3

  5. sounds a lot wise what you have to say

  6. Lucy/Kat Says:

    Thing is it isn't just with boyfriends or girlfriends either. (Sorry I think this is the first time I've ever commented)

    It can be family members as well that hit you and promise never to do it again. After a while it sinks in that they really don't love you even when you are their child. Sometimes getting out is harder than just walking out. Either on the person you think you love or a family member that you think should love you no matter what. No one should want to raise their hand to you in anger. It's not right and it does hurt and cut deep no matter who does the hitting or verbal.

    It's hard to open your fogged up vision and realize what is truly going on and getting out is just one of the steps to getting away from it. Your mind getting out of it is harder.

    I think I said enough here. I uh sorry about it being long.


  7. ryan field Says:

    Good post...