Not in Public

Okay yall know me and know I love porn think it's the best thing on the market today! But saying that I think there is a time and a place for it and in a car at the drive thru at mcdonalds is not the place for it. Yes you read that right this morning I am sitting in the drive thru and this car in front of me has a porno playing. I am like oh no he don't have a porno tape on this early in the morning and in car that rims cost more than the car!

Now these dvd players in vehicles I think were put there to keep kids in check while traveling. Just like everything else people will use them for other things but porn in public I have an issue with this. See this is why nudity in public is look at as a bad thing cause stupid people do stupid stuff. I have no problem with sex outside I like it myself but as long as it's in a private place and where no kids will see.We make nudity a bad thing cause first thing people think of when they see someone naked is sex. Nudity should be a beautiful thing the human body should be look at as beauty but cause of the way we were brought up we make the human body a nasty thing. Then we have idiots like this guy this morning driving around with porn on his dvd player. I guess it is what it is and public nudity will happen with different causes or where its allowed.
Maybe I would feel totally different if the porn the guy was watching was gay porn instead of straight porn! lol
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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    I agree. Nudity isn't always sexual, and porn does not belong in public. (Actually I think it doesn't belong in private either, but that's another story.)

  2. mary gresham Says:

    Yeah, Ryan, this is pretty bad and I'm sorry, but porn playing on a dvd player in a Mc/Donald's drive thru is really poor taste, the guy could give someone a heart attack.
    And, nudity is not a bad thing, it can be extremely beautiful, sexy and so much more. Just look at Dan Skinner's photos. They are beautiful works of art, not in any way pornographic.
    Ryan, don't ever change, please!

  3. T.j. Haynes Says:

    If I was behind him and i had my niece and nephew i would have gotten out of my car and politle ask him to turn it off until he left the drive thru and then he could watch it whenever but not while im behind hm with my niece and nephew...Nudity is beautiful i love being naked cause i feel so constricted with clothes on but without it i feel free

  4. I too agree with your post ryan and i as well love to watch it but like stated in this posting it should not be played in the drive thru, dose not matter if it's at 9am or 9pm. Keep the porn inside or at least where kids cannot see it, this is a good case of not using discretion

  5. Jay M. Says:

    There are things that ought to be done at home, and the car is NOT home. But think about it. So many people think they are in private when they are in their car, and that they are not affecting anyone else, no matter what they do...thus the idiots who text, talk on the phone, read, answer email, fix their hair, etc., etc. Porn is just the next logical step.

    One question: Who was watching it? DVD players aren't supposed to be visible to the driver in most states...did he have backseat passengers flogging their collective logs at this stuff?

    Peace <3

  6. I agree with everyone here. Ya know, porn is for that time you're alone (or with someone) at home..not in the car in public places. Hell, you know that folks would go ballistic if someone was streaming porn in a public place ( have you).

    And the thing about a having video in the cars now days? Yeah, don't like that one bit. Kids don't need to watch movies or videos or tv in the damn car. There are these things called books that put picture into your mind that are much better. Or hell, let them pop in their headphones and listen to their music and ignore the parents if they want...just don't see the need to have TV (basically) in a car.

    As for being naked? I grew up in a weird house where my father thought it was ok but my mom was against it. She didn't even like us running around without a shirt! So it's taken me a lot to get comfortable with being naked myself. Anyone else, that's fine, but I'm slowing coming around.

    So porn in public places (unless you're at that kind of theater or booth hehe)...and get the damn dvd players out of cars!

  7. jimm Says:

    Must be the same idiot who run me off the road this morning!!!