The Smoke

When I was younger I use to write poems a lot. Some I posted on here years ago but for some reason I just stopped. No reason why really they just stopped coming to me like they did when I was younger. But last night while I was in the shower one came to me just out of the blue and I had to jump out of the shower to write it down.

Then this morning after I got back from the dentist I was checking my email and a friend of mine Sam said he thought about me Saturday night and had to draw what was in his mind. He said he had this vision in his head of me in a shower now how strange is that? Oh here is my Poem and Sam's drawing. Let me know what you think?

I see the flames spreading everywhere
through the smoke I see him standing there
I hold him in my arms so tight
I close my eyes a cool breeze blows
across our naked bodies in the dark.

Outside his reach is my concern
Somewhere I know a fire burns
Through the smoke I see him standing there
In his arms I feel safe and secure
I close my eyes as the cool breeze blows.

6 Responses
  1. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan, one word, well, maybe two, Awesome and Beautiful. I think you should try to publish this one.

  2. ryan field Says:

    Very nice. I love the poem and the drawing. Glad you posted this!!

  3. Mind Of Mine Says:

    Yes, I agree with Mary, you really do have a gift. Its a very emotive poem and paints a very realistic picture.

    I sometimes find poetry very contrived, I didn't with yours.

  4. elise Says:

    both are beautiful.....

  5. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    another Ryan talent... like everything he puts his mind to... it is great!

  6. Jay M. Says:

    Incredible. To both.

    Peace <3