Thanks Dolly

First off I want to say thanks for all the comments on the post below and your thoughts on that topic I will keep you updated on the meeting and what we decide to do. There was a couple comments that kinda pissed me off a little but I'm going to let it go cause I did ask for your thoughts good or bad so it would be two faced of me to bring up negative comments. So again thanks for your thoughts on the topic.

Okay I want to do a little post about a great singer and songwriter and business lady and I'm a big fan of hers Ms Dolly Parton. I just love her she tells it the way it is and how she feels about things and if you don't like it oh well she won't lose sleep over it. She is a great songwriter just listen to her songs and yes she has written most of her own songs. Most of them have to do with her childhood of something she's been through in life and they just are heart warming make you cry type songs. From one of your biggest fans Dolly your awesome and loved by many thanks for all you do!

7 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:

    I don't listen to C+W very often, but when I do, I enjoy a lot of it; and I've always liked Dolly Parton.

  2. ryan field Says:

    I sometimes swear we're related by blood. I love Dolly!!

  3. mary gresham Says:

    Always liked Dolly, but can't say she is my favorite, don't really have one because I like so many it's hard to choose.

  4. P Says:

    It is difficult to make comments when you're not in possession of all the facts and am glad you took the negative ones as genuine opinions as opposed to personal sleights. Can't imagine whose comment would have pissed you off though :P

    My parents were Dolly Parton fans and like it or not I had to endure her music. When you hear it often enough it does grow on you and in time I too came to love Dolly.

    She has such HUGE...... personality!

  5. WARPed Says:

    Dolly *IS* awesome!!!



  6. WARPed Says:

    On a related note (ha! get it?) I see that Porter Wagoner has passed: wagoner, grand ole opry star&id=564



  7. Anonymous Says:

    That has to be my second all time favorite of her songs and always tends to make me just a bit misty eyed.