Pervert I am

Yesterday I made a comment on facebook on someone's post about Michael Jackson doctor being sent up the river for 4 years for killing him. First let me say what I said in the comment and this is just my thoughts like them or not then I will tell you the backlash I got for saying what I said. I said that the doctor shouldn't go to jail he should be paid a million dollars and give him a handshake and say thanks for taking out a child molester.

Well that got me some nasty comments and a few emails so let me explain a little bit on why I feel this way. I don't 8 or 10 years ago we were ready to throw his ass in jail for touching kids. He made a circus out of the California court system and in the end he paid off the family of the boy he touched and we all was ready to nail his ass to the cross. Then he up and dies and now we want to make like that never happen. Like he is a god or something.

I'm sorry but this crap of him touching little boys happen to many times for it not to be true and to pay 2 families off to make it go away to me is as much as admitting that you did it. I wouldn't have care if it would cost me ever dime I had I would have never paid anybody off if I didn't do it. Now this doctor I think only thing that should have happen to him is they should have taken his doctor rights but that's it.

Michael Jackson was a great singer and performer but come on he wasn't a god and he couldn't even hold a candle to Elvis and there is another icon that killed himself if you ask me and I am a big Elvis fan. But Michael Jackson is as guilty as the doctor is he wanted and the doctor gave it to him and now he's not here. I personally think that only reason the judge gave him 4 years cause of Michael's family.

Now that's just my thoughts right wrong I stand behind them I get really pissed when someone hurts a child or an animal and really get pissed when someone has money and buys there way out of it. Now I got a few emails yesterday and some nasty comments about my thoughts on Michael Jackson and at first it didn't bother me but then it got personal and it pissed me off.

One person who was on my friends list but isnt anymore said that I had some nerve speaking about Michael Jackson that way when all I was was a prevert myself. I ask him to explain and he went on to tell me I was pervert who talks about nudity and sex all the time and post pics of gay guys kissing and such. That I needed help cause he thinks I am addicted to porn and jacking off.

Had another accuse me of about the same and also said I was going to hell for being gay that I wasn't suppose to sleep with man as I do a women. I hate when they try to quote the bible and have no clue of what they are trying to say. I admit I do talk about nudity alot but its a part of who I am and I am comfortable with my body and I don't look at it as a bad thing. I know most of the world does and wants to keep it hide but thats them not me.

Prevert if I'm a prevert cause I like porn and cause I'm not a chicken and I admit I like jacking off just as much as I like sex then I guess I am. I personally feel there is nothing wrong with porn as long as the people doing it wants to do it and there of age then do it and I'll watch. See the differece between me and Michael Jackson is I like guys he liked boys. So you want to call me a prevert cause I admit that I'm gay and I like jacking off I like having sex with guys and I love watching porn then by all means call me a pervert.

Least I don't hurt kids and I'm alive!
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  1. Well Said, My Friend! :-)

  2. Jay Ross Says:

    Good for for you Ryan. We need more posts as good as yours.

  3. ryan field Says:

    I think Jackson would have died with this doctor or another. He was a hopeless addict and they always find a way to get what they want. I also would like to know where Jackson's family was if he was in this bad shape. Most famlies would have gone in with a court order and had him committed to someplace where he could have received help. That's what I would have done had he been my brother. But not them. They just stood back and watched. They need to take a little responsibility, too.

    I also agree about the child issue. I don't like the implications of what Jackson did and I don't like the way it was portraged by the press. There was something fundamentally wrong with Jackson on many levels.

  4. lauradeth Says:

    I agree with you completely, to me it's assisted suicide and loads of people these days get a slap on the wrist for it.

    Maybe now that boy's and any others' family may find some justice in what happened to Michael.

    Michael Jackson can no longer harm anyone any more but he still left questions unanswered.

    Great artist but a sick and perverted man.

    P.S Who the hell doesn't like porn?! Haha. xx

  5. Jay M. Says:

    Great post, Ryan!
    I will not say with certainty that Michael Jackson was a child molester. Without evidence presented properly to me, I might suspect, but I can't convict.

    It's a real shame that people still can't seem to figure out the difference between being gay and being a child molester. Oddly enough, most are heterosexual, and known well to the family (if not a part of the family). But haters refuse to accept reality, we all know that. I always wonder why they would friend you in the first place, it's not like you hide anything! (At all! HAHAHAHA)

    Keep up the good work, Ryan. Those of us who know how the world turns will stick with you!

    Peace <3

  6. jimm Says:

    Ryan, rent this 2011 DVD documentary:

    Michael Jackson:The Life of an Icon

  7. I'm pretty sure you won't going to hell Ryan!

  8. elise Says:

    Ryan---Maybe you didn't intend this, but you are quite an advocate for freedom of speech. I respect that a lot.

    As for the specifics about MJ---I have always been troubled by his behavior concerning kids, and would not be at all surprised if he actually was having illegal, abusive sexual contact with kids on a regular basis.

    My view on "Dr." Murray is basically what the judge said yesterday as he sentenced him. And I wish he could have gotten more than 4 years.