Some Plans

In 3 weeks Thanksgiving will be on us wasn't sure what we were doing this year Kadin and I haven't really talked about it with all this baby talk going on. Well until last we started talking about it and he wants to stay home and invite his family and my family to our house for Thanksgiving so what Kadin wants Kadin gets so its Thanksgiving at our house help me!

No just kidding we have Christmas at our house before and really with his folks being here and his grandma is here and my mom lives here only one who has to travel would be my dad and he likes it so I think it would be best if we did it at our house this year. Kadin did ask me and Tyler last night if we could least keep our clothes on until after his parents leaves lol.

Speaking on Tyler he sure is cloud 9 with this new boy from winn dixie Max. We found out last night he is a virgin nothing wrong with being a virgin I think it's great really but Max is 18 I don't know how he stops himself to be honest he's as cute as a doll and could get anyone he wanted but he said he wants his first time to be with the right person.

I know what yall are thinking cause trust me Kadin and I was thinking about it also. Kadin talked with Tyler last night after Max went home and basically told him that Max is a different kind of boy and not just a piece of ass and he should think really hard if he only wants sex with him he should just let Max go.

He told Kadin that with Max it felt different and he wanted to see where is goes and he wasn't pushing Max for sex he said he knew Max was different cause he felt it. He said when they do it he wants it to be when Max wants it and wants Max to remember his first time. Wow I'm shocked a little my baby brother finally growing up maybe?

Anyway Yall got any Thanksgiving plans?
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  1. T.j. Haynes Says:

    I basically do nothing on thanksgiving its just my dad and I noone else...never really had a bf on Thanksgiving and Christmas so im stuck at home i dont usually see family i have lost contact with most of my family,but hopefully that will change next year so once again my dad and I will be at home in our seperate rooms celebrating the holidays thats been a tradition for 6 yrs now

  2. mary gresham Says:

    We don't have any plans either, just staying at home. All of my family is gone, except for my brother and since mama passed, he doesn't come in for holidays anymore, will probably be in either Pennsylvania or Oregon then anyway.
    I'm proud of Tyler. Don't know him nearly as well as you, Ryan. But he seems like a pretty nice kid.

  3. Aaron Says:

    I guess I haven't paid that much attention because I thought Tyler was straight.

    Well ... the more the merrier.

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Good for Max and Tyler!

    My brother and I will be going to a (straight) couple's house for Thanksgiving. I'd call them friendly acquaintances.

  5. Doug Says:

    everybody always comes to our house. most of our relatives are in town. sometimes we invite friends.

  6. That's really awesome Ryan :) I'm glad that Tyler has found someone and it's obviously special because he's willing to wait. THAT to me says a lot about how he feels for Max.

    And Kudos to Kadin for having that talk as well. Ya know, you may not have a baby, but you're both being just as good parents to Tyler in a lot of ways.

    As for Thanksgiving? Probably sitting here playing videogames. Family is in Texas, friends are off to their families so...yeah, maybe buying a bit of lamb for myself and dorking out on my Wii.

  7. Jay M. Says:

    I'll be heading to Ohio (not WV anymore since dad passed away) to have Thanksgiving with my brothers and sister, and more extended family. Hope to see some friends, too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Peace <3

  8. ryan field Says:

    This sounds like it could become serious with Ty. Who knows?

    I usually do Thanksgiving at my home and half my family comes here. The other half goes to S. Beach in Fl and they eat sushi instead of

  9. jimm Says:

    Getting together with family is kinda too hard for me. can't follow the conversations. I'll prolly jus take a local hike for the fresh air.

    Ryan, I told ya before, ya got a superstar for a brother!!!

  10. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    We do 2 thanksgiving dinners .. one Thursday and one Sunday. One at home Thursday for the 3 of us and some close friends and then Sunday at another friends house for an army of people.

    Tyler is a great guy... I hope he and Max can find a great common ground that works for them both.