Penn State

I wanted to do a post about what's going on at Penn State. I really pissed at some of the news stations and some of the things I'm seeing online. Jerry Sandusky is a sicko plain and simple but say that he is gay and what he did is a gay crime is right down bullshit! Jerry Sandusky said he's not gay hell he is married but these news media and online gay bashers wants to turn it into a sick gay thing.

First off its a proven fact that most child molesters are middle age white men that are married with children of there own so trying to bring the gays into this is just wrong. Being a gay man myself the last thing I think of is some little boy I want a man with man equipment that works! What Jerry is what most child molesters are and trying to plain the gays is just wrong.

What the focus needs to be on first is the children that he has hurt I guess there adults now that man need so help we need to focus on that first and get them the help they need. Next is making sure this creep cant hurt any other kids. Next we need to make damn sure that we got everyone involved in this. Do I feel bad about Joe getting fired hell no if he knew anything he should have went straight to the police. I think there is more heads need to role out of Penn State.

It's a damn shame that there seems to be so many that knew about this and just turn there head and walk away. If I went to Penn State to be honest I would be ashamed right now. Penn State was a great school with a great name and now look when it could have been stopped years ago. Listen media people and all you religion nuts out there stop turning this into a gay thing okay cause its not its the case of a church going married man being a sicko!

My thoughts on this topic anyway!

Here is a good story click on pic it will take your there!
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  1. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Hey Ryan, This is by far not the first time this has happened. Colleges for years have been protecting their image at all costs. If someone in the lower ranks brings a problem up ... it is blown off or 'referred up' which means dropped. The term 'roughhousing' is frequently thrown around.

    I went to a major college in the 60's and crimes happened frequently on campus and were never reported ...just blown off.

    The Coach in this situation did report it above as he was supposed to .. the student who witnessed it reported as he was supposed to ... the administration covered it up for 9 years. Very much like a certain church does.

    It is always interesting to me that these things seem to always be brought to light around election time. It is a great way to get the focus off the politicians and on to something else.

    You are very correct in your statements about abusing children being primarily a straight thing with most being done by a parent. Gay people rarely are involved in such actions. If you remember the raids on the Courtney Campbell Causeway a few years ago .. the vast majority of the guys who were arrested were str8. It ended when a judge was arrested there.

    This is NOT a gay issue but a college administration money issue. Support the team and the image no matter what. That makes money for the school. The sad thing is that it happens on almost every college campus.

  2. ryan field Says:

    I'm still amazed "they" rioted in support for someone who hid all the facts from the authorities for years. The cover up was about power and money...and abuse of power and money. I feel very sorry for the victims.