I got a couple emails asking me if I would do a post on manscaping they also wanted to know if I did it and what and why? So here is my post on manscaping and please feel free to comment on your tips for manscaping or the pros and cons on this topic. Yes I manscape I keep my pubes trimmed short and the reason why for me is cause Kadin likes them that way. When I was younger a teenager I used to shave it all off I like them smooth look back them and I thought it would keep me younger if I didn't have any hair down there. I know it was all in my mind but when I was a teen I just liked it that way.

Now I like a little hair down there not a lot not a bush cause all that hair to me is nasty and it smells. I don't like getting pubes in my mouth so I like Kadin all nice and trimmed up. For us we trim each other how we want it. It's like I am the one going down there so I'm keeping things how I like them and he feels the same way. Now I'm not a hairy person so I don't have to deal with chest hair or back hair. Kadin has some not a lot but it don't bother me I told him it was up to him if he wanted to be smooth than I would shave him but if he liked it then I do too.Hairy legs I'm ok with that I think hair on guys legs is sexy and don't shave it. Underarms I don't shave mine but I know some who do that again is up to the person. I do trim my eyebrows cause I like mine that way just don't want wild eyebrows going all over the place and damn sure don't like them unibrows guys if you have them cut it! Look to me manscaping is up to the person for me I do some and I like looking a certain way so I manscape. I also think some manscaping is healthy and keep the smells under control.

So I say if this is something for you then do it if your happy with a jungle down there then leave it alone. Remember do it for you or your partner whatever makes you happy. Some guys like smooth some like guys with hair you have to decide what you like and what you want to be. Just remember once you start cutting and trimming hair it a life time job unless you stop trimming. Sometimes its a weekly thing so remember that. Happy Manscaping Yall!

Have a Great Thursday!
7 Responses
  1. A Lewis Says:

    no no no, boys. Stop with the shaving. Oh, listen to me, saying STOP when I do, indeed, shave a couple of things myself. But leave the pits alone seriously. There's nothing as hot as a guy with a ton of sweaty thatch under his arms.

    And you're FAR too young to have to worry about it, but there will be a day when you'll be shaving your ears! Ick. Love you bunches. Merry Christmas.

  2. Eric in Maryland Says:

    Yep agree Ryan that it's up to the person/couple to decide. I agree trimming the pubes is a good idea. It is cleaner, less sweaty and sexier. As for legs, chest, etc., I don't shave but may trim the chest soon. My bf likes the hairy chest so I may just leave it as is.

    I do have to shave the back..disgusting to have hair there! between...just enjoy and be safe all!

  3. ryan field Says:

    I'm not very hairy, but I do trim and shave almost everything, including my legs. But I have to admit that it's never been a deal breaker for me when I meet a good looking guy who does have body hair. For me, it's up to the guy to decide how he feels the most comfortable.

  4. mary gresham Says:

    Well, like you Ryan, Randy doesn't have but just a little hair on his chest and stomach, only around his nipples, not even a true happy trail. This is due to his indian bloodlines. As for his pubes, while he doesn't trim,its not really that thick either. He tried shaving once and I hated it, I like playing with it. But, saying that, if it was really thick, I would prob have him keep it trimmed, because its my mouth and face down there and I don't want to be choking on hair :-)

  5. robert Says:

    i love a smooth<3, like you ryan i dont like hair in my mouth when i go down,

  6. robert Says:

    Ryan, just wanted to say i love reading you blog thank you


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