Old Christmas Time

I really don't have much to post about no big issues that I want to talk about I see some coming up but right now I'm just kinda waiting to see how they want to go with it. I know I hate that shit also bring something up and not talk about well just have to wait it could be good and so worth the wait.
We went this pass weekend and got our Christmas tree I really don't get why we have to hit 6 different lots before we find the right tree but that's what we did Kadin just had to have to right tree. Tonight were going to decorate it now that it has fell out and is ready for lights and all the trimmings. We did get the out lights up and shit I will get some pics of it soon and out it up.
Makes me think of how they celebrated Christmas back before lights and stuff. Thinking about everyone sitting around at night after dinner by the fireplace and candle light making there own decorations for the tree. Maybe popping popcorn to strings for the tree. I bet it was so much fun back then and I bet it meant more. I personally am at the point where Christmas is so overrated and commercial.

Guess that's why I love Charlie Brown Christmas so much! And it's on tonight!

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  1. mary gresham Says:

    I agree about christmas being commercialized now and it gets worse each year. I've bought exactly 5 gifts, four for porn guys, shh, don't tell anybody. And the 5th one went to Addison. I've bought nothing for my family as of yet.
    I didn't put a tree up last year and there won't be one this year either. Randy calls me a grinch, guess I am because I couldn't care less about it!

  2. No one says you can't have your Christmas the way you want. If you want it to be less commercial and have a party where everyone creates the ornaments by hand for it ... I say go for it!

  3. elise Says:

    Although I'm Jewish, my best friend's family always had me over for the holidays when we were kids, and I loved helping to decorate the tree. It was mostly homemade ornaments or things passed down from grandparents, etc, plus stringing popcorn---beautiful x-mas carols on the stereo---simple, but so lovely!

    And when this friend got married and had kids,and moved away :-( ,
    she started a tradition of mostly homemade gifts--one year, her youngest sent me a crayon drawing that said "free hugs for Aunt Elise"---that is still one of my most treasured gifts.

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    In a way, I suppose you can't blame businesses for wanting to attract customers. You could even say it's good for the economy when people spend money. But we don't have to get caught up in asll the commercialism.

    Enjoy the Charlie Brown Christmas, and enjoy your own Christmas.

  5. Mind Of Mine Says:

    If you don't want Christmas to be overly commercial or over-rated then just celebrate it the way you want too.

  6. ryan field Says:

    I wish things were simple again, too, when it comes to Christmas. And for a lot of people Christmas is now this big vacation getaway instead of being at home. I don't get it. People would rather stand on long lines, be searched, suffer delays at airports than be in their own homes.

  7. Jay M. Says:

    Christmas for me and my family has become a time to spend together, to celebrate life, and worship, too. I did a tree this year (http://jayinva.blogspot.com/2011/12/my-christmas-tree.html), first time in years!

    I know my ancestors (read: grandparents, and a while before them) decorated trees, used a lot of candles, and luckily, didn't burn down the house!

    Can't wait to see your decorated tree!

    Peace <3

  8. While it might be commercialized, I miss Christmas. I miss putting up the tree and trying to find that one light in the string that was bad (everyone probably knows that feeling). I miss my mom putting out pointsettas on the porch, and the lights up on the house's eaves.

    I haven't had anything like that for about 8 years here where I live because it's a really small studio apartment. This year though, I just want a tree. I don't really have any decorations for it. I don't really have any lights (or any more places to plug them in if I did have them). But I want a tree and if I have to pop tons of popcorn and string it together...so be it.

    Christmas without some of the things like a Tree or some kind of decoration is just another day for me. So yeah....commercialized and starting WAY too early each yet? Yup...but sometimes you just NEED a little christmas song playing and even a fake tree to look at to make you feel the season.