So as many of you know I have this thing for dreams I've posted about it before. Seems I dream a lot and I can recall most of what I dream about normally it's not the same thing. But there is this one dream I have a lot and it's of the same thing everytime. When I talk to Kadin he hardly ever remembers his dreams other than he knows he did just don't recall of what. Tyler same thing but he says his normally has to do with sex and wakes up with a raging hard on and super horny that explains why I hear poor Max screaming in the middle of the night.

Anyway do any of you believe in reincarnation? I'm not sure if I do apart of me wants to believe this can happen but another part says no. Okay my dream the setting is in the 1800's in the south maybe my home state of Georgia I don't know but I know it's the south. It's right before the war breaks out in the states and I'm a young boy maybe 16 and my parents talking about a war between the states and her not wanting me or my dad fighting in it and him telling her if it breaks out we must go and fight.

I remember leaving the house with mom crying and I tell her I will be okay not to cry I will be back. I remember being sent to a battle field in the north not sure what state but I remember seeing the dogwood in bloom. I remember getting a letter from my mom saying come home my father was killed in Fredericksburg. I remember going home for his funeral and my mom begging me to stay and I told her I have to go I had to make dad proud. I bet I could write a book on this cause I remember details so well.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you believe we could have lived in another time?
8 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:

    As a Christian, I believe that each of us has just one life on this earth, and then we go on to eternity.

    I think memories of past lives are imagination.

  2. Doug Says:

    There are a lot of things that we won't find until we get to Heaven. God may send us back for some reason.

    There are several dreams that I had when I was a child that I remember quite well. I once had the same dream thirty years after I originally had it and remembered all the details.

    Carl Jeung would say the war represents some conflict in your life that you are trying to overcome. The North and the South represent the opposing sides. Your mother is trying to keep you safe while your father is trying to get you to confront it. I am not sure about the dogwoods but they must represent something special in your life. Your father dying probably means that he is letting you finish the battle yourself.

  3. Teddytoy Says:

    There are about as many theories on past life dreams as there are on religions. One thing that seems to run in almost all is that they are related to an unresolved issue in your current life. Some say it is a god speaking others say it is Karma but they all seem to say that your mind is trying to help you solve an issue. Psychs use regressive hypnosis to try to do a similar thing. Try keeping a journal of your dreams. Watch how they seem to progress or what happens. It may help you to understand them.

  4. Lucy/Kat Says:

    I find that I believe in a lot of things that most would not. Reincarnation being one of those said things I believe in. Dreams are powerful things. Sometimes we dream of past lives other times it's about sex and still other times are nightmares. I don't normally talk about what I believe in because a lot of times people jump on you because of what you believe. So telling this is difficult for me but yeah I believe in reincarnation I always have and always will.


  5. jimm Says:

    Your dream seems alot like your current situation with your parents.

    Reincarnation... umm... I'm all for it. I'd rather come back with another chance to make a better life.

    Dreams again... bear nightmares... i dream these bears are prowling the 'hood and im outside unprotected. I keep dreaming this every few weeks. It's haunting me.

    Ty's horny dreams... sounds like your house overflows with testosterone!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    who is max?

  7. ryan field Says:

    I kind of believe in reincarnation but not sure about it.

    If you think you can turn the dream into a story you should do it.

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