Come Together

Over the weekend I went to this event with Kadin I'm not going into details on what kind of event really not important. It was a gay event there were a lot of people there I don't fit into these kind of event but Kadin wanted to go so I went with him besides I make him look good when I'm hanging onto his arm lol alright I had to toot my own horn a little. Everything seem to be going good then I notice this guy kinda looking at me and he was standing alone and I thought maybe he knows me.

Finally I went up to him and ask him do we know each other? He said oh no sorry didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I said you didn't just thought maybe we knew each other. As I was walking away he said thanks I said what for? He said for not yelling or jumping on me for looking. I said I'm not that way he said most guys your age are they freak out over an older guy looking at them. I said that's cause there asses and don't realize one day they will have some age on them too.

I ask the guy if he would like to get a glass of wine and sit at our table and talk he said he would like that. I'm gonna make this story a little short cause I want to get to the point. This guy he was in his mid 40's had a little belly but all in all not really a bad looking guy was telling me he has been single for at least 8 years he tried a few times but the kind of guys he likes don't like him and if they do there are money. But what really gets him now is how they overreact over someone looking at them or by just saying hi.

He went on about a lot things and I thought about it and a lot of what he said is so true. The gay community who is suppose to be so open and love everyone is really not that open. We are a bunch of hateful, judge metal people there is. Think about it if your not young or with a hot bod then people don't talk to you there is more clicks in the gay community then anywhere. He told me his biggest fear is growing old alone in our community and sometimes just trying to say hello to someone is hard to do for the fear of getting yelled at.

I know people there has to be something there to like a person but would it hurt to say hello maybe reach out and say your not what I'm looking for not my type but I could always use a new friend or maybe you know someone that may like them. Look people we have to stop this un accepting people cause of looks, age or weight for we as a community and a minority can never gain the acceptance and equality from the majority when we are not always accepting of our own.
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  1. mary gresham Says:

    While I am not gay, I have become pretty close to several gay men in my area and saying that, I have also noticed the same thing happens here with the clicks. If they don't seem to fit it, it's as if they are on the outside looking in. Wanting to be a part of the community, but can't because the others won't let them in. It's not right and truly. I seem to have become the person these men confide in and I don't mind it at all, I'm glad I'm the one they call when they are having problems, when they need a shoulder to cry on or jus to talk, because they don't really have friends in the community they can talk to and if they did, they would have to worry about what they said being spread all over and they know that will not happen with me.
    So, yeah, I see it here too and it is a shame this happens because these peopel deserve just as much respect as anyone else does.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Good point, Ryan.

  3. ryan field Says:

    I absolutely agree. I remember a FB post once where a group of guys were planning a trip somewhere and they wouldn't let a guy in his forties go along with them. They actually told him they only wanted guys between the ages of 18 and 20. The guy was really hurt by this. I felt bad for him.

  4. Jay M. Says:

    Makes perfect sense. I find myself holding back just to avoid being "jumped on" for looking...when all I'm ever doing is just looking for a Ryan to say hello to me or invite me to have a glass of wine.

    Peace <3