My Funny Valentine

With Valentine's Day coming up thought I would do a post about something that happen in my past and apart of the reason mom took me out of the public school system and another reason for me to hate school so much. Personally I think the stress and bullshit I put up with cause of school is to blame for me not doing well in the first place. Yeah I know can't really blame anyone else but myself but the trauma inflicted for it sure didn't help.

This is one of those trauma's let me go all Sophia from the Golden Girls on you. Picture this kindergarten 1992 Peachtree City Georgia a little boy making his first Valentine bag to hang on the back of his desk. I remember the teacher giving all of us these white lunch bags telling us were making a bag to put are Valentine cards in. We have crayons and red paper and glue all the fun things. We could make whatever we wanted and then Friday we would have a Valentine party with juice and cupcakes and pass out Valentine cards.

This to me was really cool like I talked about before I knew I like boys back then didn't know what it was called and I knew I could pick out special cards for the cute boys. We had to pass out cards to each of our classmates but I knew the cute boys would be getting special ones from me. All went well and I was happy I got cards even though none of them were special cards but the boys I liked I thought they were special cards and held on to them.

Next year 1st card is when things change and not in a good way. Valentine's Day came around and the teacher we had would be called a hater today. He did the same thing as the other teacher we made bags to hang on the back of our desk but when he handed out the list of student names he had to the boys the girls names only and to the girls boys names only. One boy raised his hand and ask about it and the teacher look at him and said are you queer?

My heart fell all the way to my ass I couldn't believe what I heard I wasn't 100% sure what it was but hearing it around I knew a little. He went on to say boys don't give boys Valentine Cards he said that makes you gay and nobody likes gay boys. I could have cried but I held it and just wanted to go home. Mom knew something was wrong and ask me about it took me a while to tell her. I was just heartbroken first I had a teacher that hated people and I couldn't give any valentine's out to the boys.

That Friday when we had our Valentine party it sucked and nobody really had fun least it looked that way. When I went back to my desk after passing out cards to the girls only I check my bag and I only had 2 cards in there and one was from this girl who always hated me and on the card she said your face looks like the turtle in the picture funny thing is I still have that card one day I will make her eat it!

Like I said that was the end of public school for me I finally told mom I didn't like it there and I told her what the teacher said and did. I'm not sure what she did I do know she went into the office and said something. I don't know if the teacher got fired or not she took me out and put me in a private school and really it wasn't any better. I just think it sucked that the teacher took away something that meant a lot to me as a gay child I couldn't just come right out and say how I felt and giving a valentine card was my way and he took that from me.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, what an ass of a teacher. I had one that refused to actually teach us. He was black, the majority of the class was white. When finally confronted by the parents about his refusal to help us students learn, he told them that if we were such smart white kids, we could figure it out on our own. Needless to say, the next stop was the office. I changed schools shortly thereafter when the family moved, but that teacher went a long way towards cooling my enthusiasm for school, so I sure can understand how you were hurt. But it's clear you're no dummy, there's plenty of smarts in you, so keep on keeping on! And Happy Valentines Day to you, too, and to Kadin and Tyler and all the rest!
    Peace <3

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    What an idiot of a teacher! In first grade,Valentine's cards aren't about sex. They're just supposed to be fun. All boys like other boys at that age, whether they're gay or not; and they're way too young to be sexually interested in girls. That stupid teacher took something innocent and sexualized it. And of course it was none of his business whether kids in his class were gay or not, and his rant was completely out of place.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. mary gresham Says:

    I just can't imagine something like that happening, even though I know it does evey damn day. I'm so glad you have the mom you do, because she did exactly what I would have done. Only difference is, I would have left that teacher in tears. Not like it wouldn't have been the first time I did that. I never did put up with teachers treating my kids like they were second class citizens. My kids were no better than anyone elses, but I did what a lot of parents refuse to do, I stood up for them to the teachers and principal and i honestly left one teacher in tears by the time I was through telling her exactly what i thought of her and her teaching. When it comes to my kids, they always know I have their backs and I am the same way with my special friends, such as you, Ryan.

  4. ryan field Says:

    That really sux. I was lucky in the sense that I never experienced that in school. But I know other people who have. Good thing your mom was right there keeping an eye on this. I have a five year old niece who only wants to wear boys clothes. I think she's a little lesbian in the making (I can tell). Thankfully, he parents are cool with her wearing boys clothes, otherwise I'd get into trouble and wind up fighting with them.