Addi Thoughts

Hey everyone Ryan got sick and is in the Hospital, Kadin let me know that today, Kadin says he's getting better now though, but let's keep them in our prayers and hope that Ryan gets well soon thank you everyone much love

-Addi(Addison) <3
4 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:

    Sorry to hear that Ryan had to go to the hospital. I hope and pray he'll be back at full strength really soon.

    Sorry I haven't commented on your videos, Addi, but somehow taking the time to watch them seems like a bigger deal than just reading something, so I haven't watched any yet. Hopefully sometime I'll feel that I have enough time available to watch. Meanwhile, I'm glad you're keeping us informed.

  2. lauradeth Says:

    Pass on my get well wishes! xx

  3. ryan field Says:

    Just read this now. I hope everything is okay. Tell him I'm thinking about him.

  4. jimm Says:

    Oh Ryan, get yer sorry sore ass butt outta that hospital !!!!

    j/k j/k...

    Hope you're feeling better!