Addi Thoughts

I'm single, and not talking to anyone yet, I flirt with a few people but nothing I consider serious because they don't give me the impression that they're interested in it being something serious, I can't feel like they're always keeping their options open like their unsure or just don't want to have to commit lol

Why is it every time I message guys in my area, who say they want to see me more often or that their interested in me, they act like I'm bothering them because they're always "busy" when they're the ones who said "I" don't spend enough time with them or that "I" don't try enough, especially when usually what they're "busy" doing is finding easier to score sex, I tell them, "I'd come over more often if you invited me more but you're usually off screwing someone else every day of the week instead of asking me to come over," I'm not someone's side fuck or their "ONE of MANY" sluts, that's not the kind of guy I am

I say as long as if "you're talking" means talking everyday even if that means only saying hi I'll bee too busy to talk today, then that means he's serious and interested, otherwise I always feel they don't really care or are not interested an anything and therefore are a waste of time

let me hear what you think?
personally I think I outdid myself this time with my viewpoint and backing it up but would still like to hear your opinions
2 Responses
  1. jimm Says:

    Addi, maybe with those guys, it's jus the beer talking.

    Anyhow, i'd be looking for someone with common interests, then plan a get-together around that, instead of meeting jus for talking.

  2. T.j. Says:

    I just got out of a relationship and honestly i know how i feel i flirt but does not mean i want to commit right 23 yrs old im young and im focusing on my you what you need to do for you nobody else