Blogging and Facebook!

What I posted on facebook.

                                                       Unedited Pic the way it should be!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this blog all I know is I'm bored with it so the post will be few and far between when I do post. I will warn some of you there will be more nudity post up than what your use too thanks to facebook and hell maybe even some sort of nudity pic of me! lol

6 Responses
  1. ahh damn i sorta had a feeling that would be an end result,but nothing better than letting your mind wander about what hes hiding

  2. Panhandle Bob Says:

    I know, Ryan, I'm the same way. Since FB came along my own blog gets less and less attention. FB does (or used to) have a blog feature, but I've never really used it. Maybe that's the way it will ultimately go...maybe that's just the way Mark Z wants it :-/

  3. mary gresham Says:

    Love you babe, you gotta do what you gotta do. I will always back you 100% with whatever you decide.

  4. lauradeth Says:

    I think I'm the opposite, I never used to blog then I got got into it and then it started to slow again because I never had anything to talk about.

    I tell myself, I'm going to delete facebook but I usually end up keeping it to keep up to date with authors. I'm mainly on twitter though.

    I think it's good to step away from blogging for awhile, that way when you come back you have something to talk about.

    I love the picture of the guy! :)

  5. elise Says:

    The male body is beautiful--no reason to hide it!

  6. Ry there are time that you feel that you need to move on to something else for a while, but I see that you will return to the blog, it will just take that one event to get you into again, you can not force it. I have found that mine only gets used when I am pissed off and frustrated and needing an outlet of my feelings that I have built up. So I put it in writing that way it can be let out and nobody gets hurt. hell I think I have only posted once on mine since I started it. I thought that I would do more with it, but just have not had that spark to write. I know that like me you will find the spark again at some point and you will be back to posting. It may not be the same that you were, but you will