Facebook Photo

What I put on Facebook.

And the uncensored beauty!
8 Responses
  1. my heart stopped when i saw it..gotta nice very nice ;) :P

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I like what you've done with your hair.

  3. ERic Says:

    I prefer the uncensored version by quite a bit...maybe 7 or 8 inches? :-)

  4. Aaron Yeagle Says:

    HE is VERY cute. Please give hime my phone number! hhehehehe

  5. mary gresham Says:

    very nice Ryan, but you look better ;-)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How nice! Thank you!
    Peace <3

  7. David Says:

    very pleasant

  8. The beautiful photo looks so professional. I wonder who the model is. Is the photographer you, Ryan?