Drama, Drama, Drama

For about a month now I been dealing with a lot of drama and stress and last night it finally came to a head. I can say I am so happy that it did and that its over I can put it behind me chalk it up as a bad mistake and never and I mean never have to deal with it again. I'm going to talk about it a little only cause I need to get what's left out of my system. Some things I won't go into details but you will get the idea.

I'm normally a forgiving person but there are a few things in my mind that are totally unforgivable and those who know me know what they are. This person I'm talking about that cause so much drama not only to me but to my family crossed that unforgivable line last night and will I will never talk to him again. The first time I had issues with him I forgave him gave him a second chance even though most people said I shouldn't.

This guy is just an unhappy person and I think he has some deep issues that he needs to talk to someone about. He has very little friends and the few guys he dated he totally screw them up on purpose cause he is in love with someone who really don't want him and just uses him as a ho. I also think he is still in love with one of my family members that's not in love with him and it bothers him he see's how happy my family member is.

Last night I caught him trying to push up on Kadin and Kadin said he came on to him before and he told him to stop and he said sorry it wouldn't happen again. I let that go but last night I was at my wits in with this guy so we had words and it got heated and to be honest I wanted to kick his head off his shoulders thank god Tyler was there to stop me. Then this ass gets home and starts trashing me and my family on facebook real grown up of him right?

Then calls the police on my family member and tells the police that he is stealing cable that the cable is in his name at my family members house really wtf? Anyway I'm warning everyone this guy is crazy and loves to start shit so I'm sure everyone will hear all kinds of shit just remember you can ask me anything and if it didn't come from me it's going to be false.

Hey where's the strait-jacket we got a crazy on the loose!
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  1. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    This guy is a real mental case.. he sounds like a guy from St Pete that has a vendetta for gay sites. He is also an abuser. This guy does everything he can to hurt gay sites. There are several court orders against him around, not to mention a few law suits.
    This guy is trying to get attention and the more you give him the more he loves it.
    I would suggest contacting a lawyer or police friend and ask them to take action against him.

  2. Wow...This guy is a nut case for sure.To be honest there are more people out there like him so be careful and now that you have dealt with this type of person you can look for the signs to avoid this situation again.

  3. lauradeth Says:

    Can I hit him for you?

    People like that really infuriate me, I'm glad it's over because you don't need people like that in your life.

    Well, you know if you ever need to borrow an ear, you know my facebook :) x

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    All I can say is Yikes!

  5. mary gresham Says:

    Ryan, buddy, I'm not going to ask questions about who he is, because it's none of my business. I just want you to know I'm here if you need me. But please be careful, Kadin and Tyler too. File a restraining order agaisnt him, like the others said, he does not sound stable. Love you babe, Kading and Tyler too, even though I've never spoken to Ty.

  6. elise Says:

    Please be careful, Ryan, and the rest of your family. Abusers are unstable, and this guy sounds like he could be dangerous. I hope you've talked to your dad about security and legal issues----you've mentioned in the past how helpful your dad is with those kinds of issues.

    stay safe--love you!

  7. ryan field Says:

    Wow. He's some wing nut. If I were you I would stay away and not go back.

    I've been through this drama before and it's always better to just drop it and move on.

  8. That kind of thing is so colossally annoying. I've known people like that. Good thing you got him out of your life.

  9. Ry should have called me, I would have brought my girl Angie, we love a good rumble.... guess that is the redneck part... lol... we would have taken care of him :)