I know some of you woke up today maybe was looking for me on facebook or twitter and it was gone. Let me explain a little why I deleted my accounts. I'm finally sick of the social media outlets. First I've been deleted 3 times by facebook for no reason really least they couldn't give me one. But what broke it totally for me this time is people that over step the line. Ya'll know me and know I'm freaky as the next guy and my boyfriend is just as freaky but when I ask him to come on twitter and meet some of you and share his life little did I know some of you were going behind my back and trying to get more out of him than what we wanted to give.

I don't like being the mean person but ya'll push me into a corner and I have no other why out than to strike and strike hard. So saying that if I make some of you mad and you don't want to be apart of my life anymore than that's fine. I'm the type of person that will be friends with anyone who is nice and kind to me I don't look at age, race, or color. I'm not like most I will give people the time of day and show off maybe more than I should and my boyfriend didn't have a problem doing that either but you back stabbing trolls just took it way to far. This goes out to the ones that caused this and they know who they are we gave you the time of day when most our ages wouldn't okay.

But you thought you could get more and you thought I wouldn't find out. I thought you were my friends and I thought I could trust you but your true colors came through. Ya'll know the break up I went through with Kadin and I wasn't ready to fall in love again but along came Riley and just when I gave my heart to him ya'll jump in and caused him to break it so thank you. My dad told me when I was little he would say Ryan when it comes to friends remember DTA well sorry dad I didn't listen and now I'm paying the price. I don't know what the outcome or Riley and I will be but I promise this much you won't know I will keep it to myself.

For now I'm done with all social media outlets not sure yet on this blog I will toss it around and if I feel it's an issue it will meet the same fate as twitter & facebook. Those who I do trust you know how to get a hold me if I don't reply back to you then you were on the list of people I don't trust and you will never hear from me again.
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  1. Lucy/Kat Says:

    I don't think I ever added you on facebook or twitter but I am sorry for those that had added you that crossed the lines.

    I don't know what all happened with Kadin or Riley but I do know from what I read of your blog from the first time I found it. You are a good person. Outspoken and real and honest. Keep being you and doing what does you.

    Lots of positive thoughts coming your way,

    Katty Kat

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I'm really sorry to hear that some people caused trouble for you on facebook and twitter. I hope you'll keep up this blog, because I care enough to want to know how you're doing, and maybe to encourage you once in a while. But if the haters and troublemakers force you to stop blogging here, you could start another without mentioning it here. Just make a list of followers you want to invite and send them ( and I hope I'm one of them) an e-mail.

    And never forget that what's most important isn't the haters and the people who make trouble for you; what's most important is that God loves you always, which is why Jesus came to save us.

  3. lauradeth Says:

    I don't feel sorry for you, I feel sorry for the people who went against you because they lost a real good friend in you.

    Do what makes you happy and get rid of everything that has a negative effect on your life.

    Love you, brother :) x

  4. I love how some people respect boundaries..for one you should not have to explain them it should be program in their brains,but apparently they did not think with the one in their head..they chose to think with their dicks..makes me sick ugh...but best of luck to you Ryan...Here is my email thomashaynes88@ymail.com would like to chat

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just don't get those who simply know no boundaries. I guess I am right when I joke that there is no animal dumber than the general public, and apparently you attracted the worst of them.

    I will be here for you, and I hope that my couple of (what I considered rather benign) comments on twitter did not contribute to this.

    It's a shame the idiots put your relationship in jeopardy. Please tell Riley to try to take a deep breath and realize that it's not you, it's not him...it's the fools who just can't figure out how to behave!

    I'll be here for you, Ryan.

    Peace <3

  6. ryan field Says:

    I honestly didn't notice you were gone, and here's why. I've backed off a lot from social media for a lot of the reasons you mentioned in this post. I'm sick of it.

    I do think blogging is different because I'm in total control on my blog. In other words, it's not a democracy and I keep it that way.

    And you know what, your real friends are still here and don't care if you're on facebook or twitter. And if you stop blogging we'll still be your real friends :)

    To take it to another level, we're not the only people sick of social media. I know many others who are, which makes me wonder how FB and other social media will survive in the future. I hear a lot more troubles with them than I hear good things.

  7. Planetx_123 Says:

    Wow I'm sorry this happened. I must've missed what happened on twitter. I don't feel like we're good enough friends for you to consider me someone you would trust -- and I don't blame you, because you don't know me. I do want what's best for everyone, and believe that social media should be fun -- not a source of stress. It rediculous that some people are so rude, selfish, gross, and inconsiderate that they would do something to jeopardize your real life relationship. Completely rediculous.

    In case I never hear from you or Riley again -- I wish both of you the best of luck and hope that your lives offer you much satisfaction and fulfillment.


  8. Ryan I would like u to follow my blog and comment .... I miss when we don't talk. U know how to reach me! :)


  9. Ryan I would have done the same. I am a bit sad because I thought your Riley seemed like a really sweet guy and I was hoping to chat with him more. But honestly, if there were people that were trying to get more out of him, then you did the right thing. I didn't care about the pictures an all, I was just enjoying being able to chat with you both.

    Sorry that this kinda stuff keeps happening to you. People can be real douches :(

  10. Jay Ross Says:

    Ryan, sorry to hear troubles are coming your way again. I don't understand why people have to be so nasty. Are they that insecure that they can only find joy by being hateful?

    But be aware that there are many like myself who admire you for the person you are. You are part of my family and loved as such.

    Some day I would like to meet you so I can shake your hand and tell you what a wonderful person you are and mean while keep your chin up.



  11. FOGGY Says:

    Good Grief:
    ............ I can't read that dumb "please-prove-you're-not-a-robot" thingee on the bottom of this box. If I fail in this endevor, you will not see this magnificent comment that I tried to post.

    If I DO succeed, then:
    ...........HI !
    I'm "FOGGY", and am the "newest" member of your followers. I did follow you at one time in the past (dropping you, upon your advice in one of your posts); however, I'm back - if you'll have me. I "re-discovered" you on Twitter. Send me an "e" if you want to talk....
    V/R..... Ray :)