What Should I Do?

One thing in life I can't stand is two face people Marilyn Monroe had a quote that I have always loved she said "if your going to be two faces least make one of them pretty" I have always been up front and honest with people if I don't like them they know it I won't hide it and pretend I like them that's just not me. The thing I hate the most is those who pretend to like you to your face but talk shit when you turn your back.

Well I've been dating Riley for a while now and I thought his family liked me and there wasn't any issues there but I found out last night that there is issues with one of his family members. His grandma has turn out to be of those people that has two faces. She told Riley yesterday that she feels like I am controlling him and maybe he needs to think about things before they go to far with me. This totally shocked me I didn't know what to say.

A little history I've know Riley for a while now he went to school with Tyler and has been hanging around here for a long time I'm talking years and many times he would stay they night not just one night but many nights and wouldn't want to go home. He moved out of his own when he was 16 not sure all the details but I heard things and found out things. I never expected to fall in love with him didn't even know he liked me like that.

Well ya'll know what happen we did fall and love and we became boyfriends. I started pushing Riley a little to reconnect with his family and finally he did with some of them. I went with him cause he ask me too and he started visiting more and started having some of them over to our house I thought everything was fine and they liked me until last night. Riley seen his grandma yesterday and she told him that about me and of course he told me and I don't know how to take it.

The question is should I confront her on these issues or just let it go?
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  1. Just a guy Says:

    Just let it go Ryan. Life is too short and too meaningful to worry about what others think of you. Plus, what people think of you is not your business and you should not seek for it to be your business. If others have a problem with your love, then that is their problem and not yours. Just continue to love and be happy. There is a lot of negativity that goes on in this world. Let us give our attentions to the positive rather than the negative!

  2. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Welcome back Ryan.... as to your question ... if you go on the defense it could come across to her that you really are controlling. I would suggest you talk to Riley and ask him to explain how things are between you both, to her.

    its too bad that some people will say what they think you want to hear in front of you then the opposite behind you back, I've seen it many times and it always hurts, as well as makes you loose respect for the one that did it.

  3. Just let it go..cause there will be people in your life that will not like you..some will tell you and some will be two faced and not tell you...you cannot please everyone..everyone wishes that they could,but you know...Riley knows that your not controlling and that should only matter..People are gonna talk no matter what

  4. mary gresham Says:

    That's a hard one babe. If you confront her, it might make things worse. Thing is, Riley is an adult, just as you are and since he's been on his own for awhile, I think he's capable of making his own decision about what is best for him.
    I'm thinking that maybe it's not so much you his grandma doesn't like, it's the fact that you are a guy. You know as well as I do, not everyone has an open mind, especially not the older generation, my mama certainly didn't. And if that's what it is, nothing you do is going to change her mind at this point in her life. But if she honestly doesn't like her because she thinks you're controlling Riley, prove her wrong, because we all know that is just not something you would do. But, I still wouldn't confront her, but try to spend a little time with her, showing her you're not what she thinks you are. if it doesn't work, just back away, but encourage Riley to stay in touch with her, because if he doesn't, she will only try to say she was right.
    You know where I'm at if you need to talk babe, Love you both.

  5. lauradeth Says:

    I wouldn't let it be but I wouldn't confront her either.

    Riley's old enough and independent enough to not let someone control him, she obviously doesn't know him or you, for that matter, to make those kinds of accusations.

    Maybe you should get to know each other a little, talk about Riley or the weather etc. best way to get back at someone is to prove them wrong. Just be you, and she'll come round. If not, it doesn't matter, it only matters what you and Riley think.

    Love you :)

  6. attyrobert Says:

    Don't confront her. Just carry on. Let Riley be the one to handle those sorts of issues - or his relatives.

    Not everyone is going to like or approve of you, whether you're straight/gay/otherwise.

    Be a duck! Let it roll of your back.

  7. Jay Ross Says:

    Grandma sounds like she wants to control her grandson, but it's best for you ignore that. Continue building your life with Riley and maybe eventually she'll see how in love you both are and change her ways.

  8. naturgesetz Says:

    Don't confront her. It's between Riley and his grandma. If he wasnts to tell her she's wrong, fine. If he'd rather not talk to her about it, that's okay too.

    What matters isn't what Riley's grandma thinks; it's what Riley thinks. As long as he doesn't think there's a problem, there's no problem.

  9. Doug Says:

    Don't let her get to you Ryan. She may not know everything about your relationship and may be making judgements. Do you and Ryan tell her about all the things you do together, how your life is together, and how you love each other. maybe she is just protective of him.

  10. ryan field Says:

    At this point I would let it go for now. But watch everything you say and do. Sounds like she might be waiting for you to do something wrong so she can look good. Don't give her that opportunity :) Next time you see her bring her flowers and give her a nice big kiss. It will either make her like you more, or it will really torture her.