Win Me!

Okay last year I posed nude for the local art school and I posted a pic of it on here and twitter before just never unedited. I had a few people ask me if I would sell a copy of it to them and it got me thinking. I think I came up with some kind of idea like this before but didn't follow through with it. So cause it's the season lets try this and see what happens.
I'm thinking something like this for a week maybe two at the most I will take bids by email for a copy of the photo I will post it at the end of this post. It will be edited but the one I send to the winners won't be. I'm think the 3 highest bidders I will send a copy but the first place winner will get a copy and I'll sign it and put it in a frame. Second place I'll send a sign copy and 3rd place will get a copy.
Don't place your bids here or on twitter email them to me so I only know who is the highest bidder and when it's over I will post the winners name on here and twitter. If there is enough interest in this then I will do it if not then maybe I will just put a price on it and sell it outright. Oh don't worry about the money it will go to a good cause don't want anyone to think I'm doing it for the money ya'll know I'm not that way. My email is so let the fun start!       
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  1. lauradeth Says:

    I would love to, sunshine but I can barely afford to live in the black.

    Good luck, to the winner/winners! :)