Come on December

December can't come quick enough! No it has nothing to do with Christmas this condo we moved into was suppose to be a great move gated community was supposed to make us feel safe. Moving here I knew we would have to make some changes and I was okay with that for safety. But I don't feel any safer here than I did living in a big house.

The problem isn't the outside world it's the nosey ass neighbors. Seems like everyday someone is leavings notes on the door or on our cars or were finding someone standing outside our windows trying to look in. Seems they want us out as much as we want out. Seems they have a problem with Riley and me and I know why.

When we moved in a few times not thinking about it we left the sliding glass door open and we were naked people walked by and I guess they seen more than they wanted too. The management talk to us about it and we took care of that problem. Next a few older ladies I guess reported us for wearing speedos to the pool I guess this upset them also.

Again the management talk to us and I said there is no rules saying we can't wear speedos and they agree but thought it would be better if we didn't cause it bother other people. I said it bothers the blue hair bitches cause they don't have the bodies they use too so no we will not change and we will wear our speedos and if they don't like it they can go home.

Now this morning someone called the police and said there were men walking around naked with the windows open and kids running around could see everything. So the police came 7 am this morning woke us up cause someone complained about naked men. I told the cops we were a sleep you woke us up!

I told them we sleep naked but are blinds are closed and we have a black out curtain if someone seen us naked they were peeking hard into our bedroom window. So along with the cops we went outside to the bedroom window sure enough they found footprints in the dirt at our bedroom window. The police said what we do in our house was our business as long as we kept the blinds closed so children couldn't see.

That wasn't all we found another note on the car telling us how nasty and dirty we are and were going to hell cause men shouldn't lay with men as they do with women. So am I wrong is this not hate? I'm thinking this is my ticket out of here early isn't it? Either way I'm not worried about these old fucks I know they couldn't hurt me I need to bring a bunch of gay guys over for a pool day that will drive them crazy! 
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  1. Always go out with a what you do inside your home is no one's damn business..I would have put up cameras and prosecute whoever was in sight being a peeping tom..But moving is not a bad idea either

  2. Jebus! That really sucks Ryan. I mean honestly why the hell can't people just leave each other alone. I don't even *know* who my neighbors are in the apartments on either side of me and as long as they don't make too much noise....what the hell do I care what they do? Live and let live!

    I hope you can find some place much MUCH better than where you are. I know moving sucks, but better to be in a new place and away from all that bullshit!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Heavens to betsy! Where were all these blue haired bitsies when you looked at the place?!?!?! Hiding in the shadows no doubt.

    It's a shame they make noise over stuff that doesn't matter, like the Speedos. You do have to be careful with the blinds and shades - I am because I prance about naked in the house, and I don't want to surprise anyone!

    I hope it all works out. Just keep smiling and be nice, and remember, they live there, too.

    Peace <3

  4. Doug Says:

    I would talk to a lawyer. if the management can't do anything then this may constitute a case of constructive eviction. You may have cause to legally break the lease early.

    you could also have the management put in security cameras so you can try and catch whoever is doing it. then maybe they will be evicted.

  5. lauradeth Says:

    You should invite me over, I wonder if they'll complain seeing a nude lady waving at them through the window!

    It's definitely hate. You've done nothing wrong or caused any offense on purpose and I know that you would have apologized if you had but they are finding things to blame on you in an attempt to intimidate you.

    I would take photo of every note, write down every encounter, like a diary.

    If the management isn't willing to have a word with them about it. I would see if you can break the lease early or inform them if they carry on leaving notes or nosing, you'd go to the police for harassment and stalking. It may make them back off.

    It's stupid. Blue haired gits need a hobby and concentrate on what's left of their lives not yours.

  6. mary gresham Says:

    Damn Ryan, I don't know how I missed this post. It seems to me that you can do whatever the hell you want to do inside your apartment, even if you leave the damn blinds open because no one has the right to spy on you, open blinds or not. Again, you're inside your home, you're not walking outside naked.
    I'm with Doug, I would talk to a lawyer about it because what's happening is definitely harassment and nothing is being done about it. Management is not only blaming you and Riley for it, but they are doing it themselves by not acting on the harassment. You should definitely be able to break the lease and find somewhere else, even if it is a pain in the ass to have to move again.
    Personally, I think you're better off in a home instead of an apartment, maybe, if you can swing it, in a gated community. It would definitely be safer and it would also provide on site security.